Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Survey: More Than Two-Thirds Of ObamaCare Enrollees Unsatisfied With Coverage

According to a new survey that you won't see on the nightly news, only 30 percent of ObamaCare enrollees are satisfied with their coverage under the ACA exchanges... the figure promises to nosedive as more people attempt to use their coverage...

(Washington Times) ObamaCare has offered insurance to millions of people, but they’re unhappy with the coverage they’re getting and are particularly upset about the costs, according to a survey released Monday that suggests the health care law continues to struggle to win over Americans.

Just 30 percent of customers on ObamaCare’s exchanges were satisfied with their coverage, the health care research arm of the Deloitte consulting firm said.

Only a quarter of ObamaCare customers in the survey were confident that they could get care when they needed it, and just 16 percent felt “financially prepared” to handle future health care costs, Deloitte said...

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