Monday, October 24, 2016

Hillary's Hit-Man Exposes Himself On Hannity

Hillary Clinton's shady Mr. Fix It will tell all on TV tonight, just days after his explosive confession in The National Enquirer hit the stands...

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BUSTED! The List Of Trump's Media Enemies Exposed

Donald Trump once again doubled-down on his claim that the media is corrupt and that our elections are "rigged" by the media and it got us to thinking, who exactly are the media figures who should be on Trump's 10 Most Wanted List. Here are some possible choices...

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Jester Launches Counter Cyber Attack Against Putin?

It is being reported worldwide that a potential Russian Cyber attack took place last week, primarily affected east coast Internet users. But now, an American vigilante hacker defaced the Russian Foreign Affairs ministry's website, in what is being called a "revenge attack."...

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Top Democrat Confesses: Of Course There Is Fraud In the Election

Most of us see this guy as a slimy Democratic strategist who has been known to report false statements on National TV for years, but his is also an outspoken Clinton supporter and his latest words will not only shock you, but confirm a feeling that many of us have felt for a long time. The election is filled with fraud...

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Trump's National Political Director Steps Down, Cites 'Personal Reasons'

With little more than two weeks until the presidential election, Donald Trump’s national political director has decided to leave the campaign. "I have not resigned, but for personal reasons have had to take a step back from the campaign," Jim Murphy told Politico...

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Will This Chelsea Clinton Rumor Derail Hillary's Campaign?

It's never been confirmed. It's gossip, but the allegation has followed Chelsea Clinton around her entire life and now that the presidential campaign is getting down and dirty, a number of rumors are starting to resurface...

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

8 Times Liberals Claimed An Election Was Rigged

Over the past couple of weeks, Donald Trump has ramped-up complaints that the election process is rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. Many have been quick to dismiss his claims and have been acting like he's crazy for saying as much... but....

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Leaked Email Reveals The Disturbing Thing Hillary Wanted Done To Trey Gowdy

Hillary Clinton didn't make it to the Democrat presidential nomination without knowing how to attack her adversaries before they could hurt her too badly. So when Republican congressional investigators were hunting down the truth about the Benghazi terrorist attacks...

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More GOP Betrayers?... Republicans Voting For Hillary Clinton

No... we're not talking about people who are voting for a third-party candidate or are simply staying home. The Republican notables on this hit list are Republicans who are supporting Hillary Clinton to be the next President of the United States... Be sure to share this list with your friends...

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Celebrities Who You Never Knew Served In The Military

This guy, who everyone should recognize wasn't the only one. A number of A-list Hollywood celebrities have served their countries and some of their stories are interesting eyebrow raisers. Here are some stories of celebrity military service that you are sure to enjoy...

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Posted By: Chris Carmouche