Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ted Cruz Comes To Mike Pence's Defense

"I’m proud to stand with Mike, and I urge Americans to do the same."

Retired Admiral Calls For Obama's Impeachment

On Sunday, media reported that six world powers reached a provisional agreement on key parts of a deal that is meant to curtail Iran’s nuclear program.

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Rabid Leftists Force Black Caterer To Service Klan Rally

Of course it has not happened... YET... but isn't that exactly what radical leftists who are fighting Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act really want?

John Kerry Responds To Iran Question With One-Word Reference To Islam

As the negotiations come down to the wire over a multi-nation deal supposedly aimed at curbing Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Secretary of State John Kerry reportedly gave a short and surprising answer when asked if an agreement would be reached by the self-imposed Tuesday deadline.

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Busted: Hillary Clinton Used Multiple Devices For Email

Oh no... could it really be possible? ... Did Hillary actually lie? ... What else is new? ...

Gays Demand Navy Fire Chaplain

Members of Congress are weighing in with the Secretary of the Navy in the case of Chaplain Wes Modder, who is being forced out of the Navy after complaints by a gay officer who hid his sexual orientation.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Reuters Poll: 53% Of Americans View Obama As A Threat To The United States

When Reuters released a story on their poll to the public, they chose to highlight the result that a third of all Republicans viewed Obama as an "imminent threat," but they neglected to tell you, as the late-Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story.

Muslim Brotherhood Operative Allowed To Use Hillary's Secret Email Server

The scandal worsens with each passing day. Now the question is not whether Hillary used her secret server to shield information she may have written from the public but rather, what information may have been relayed on this secret server by one of her top people... a person who has connections to high level members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

MSNBC: Pro-Lifers Are Murderers

But wait until you hear the rest of the story. The alleged reason that pro-lifers are murderers of women is because they supporting an anti-human trafficking bill in Congress...

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bombshell: Iranian Defector Says Iran Nuke Deal Is A Sham

But that's not all. If you believed that this deal was a pretext by Barack Obama to trick the American people into allowing him to give Iran the bomb, there is apparently even more to this story...

Posted By: Chris Carmouche