Tuesday, October 21, 2014

[Video] Obama Has Lost His Mind. Celebrity Says He's 'Psycho'

This well-known celebrity usually chooses his words very carefully, but he's just double downed on his contention that Barack Obama is "psycho."

[Video] Breaking: ISIS Attack In Canada

The Canadian government will not confirm or deny ISIS involvement but reports out of the Quebec city of St. Jean sur Richelieu, claim a man went on a frenzied rampage targeting members of the military...

Obama Orders 34 Million Green Cards Ahead Of Amnesty Announcement

Just in case anyone was still doubting that Barack Obama would issue an unconstitutional Amnesty decree after the November election, here's the smoking gun.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ebola Nurse Nina Pham's Boyfriend In Isolation? Rumors He Is The Next Ebola Victim

Nina Pham’s boyfriend may have been admitted to a Texas hospital after being exposed to Ebola, but nothing has been confirmed. For now, there are more questions than answers.

Putin Threatens United States: Warns Of 'Nuclear Consequences'

With news headlines focusing on the Ebola Crisis, the media paid little attention to Vladimir Putin's latest threat against the United States...

University Of Minnesota Study: Ebola May Be Airborne

For some, that conclusion is no longer in dispute but the report also indicates that the protective gear presently being worn by health care workers is totally inadequate and offers no real protection from the disease.

Donald Trump: Ebola And The Madness Of Obama

Trump: "It’s incredible... Nobody can understand it. He’s either stubborn, incompetent, not smart, listening to the wrong people. ... It is just madness."

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up. Obama Announces West African Quarantine But Not For West Africans... For American Troops

The pentagon will quarantine returning U.S. soldiers, but will allow unimpeded access for West African citizens who choose to travel to the United States. You just can’t make this stuff up.

California Students Quarantined After Possible Exposure To Ebola

An entire building on the campus of San Diego’s Southwestern College has been taped off as a precautionary measure after a student raised concerns that she had been exposed to the Ebola virus.

Spain Tests 4 More For Ebola

MADRID (AP) — Four people with fever considered at risk for Ebola were being tested Thursday in Spain for the virus, including one who arrived on an Air France jet that was isolated at Madrid's airport as a precaution, officials said.

Posted By: Chris Carmouche