Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hawaii Keeping Loretta Fuddy Autopsy Under Wraps?

Eyebrows were raised when the woman who was knowingly or unknowningly implicated in the release of Barack Obama's digitally altered birth certificate, Loretta Fuddy, died under mysterious circumstances. Now, the Birther Report is claiming that her autopsy, which is a matter of public record, is being almost totally redacted.

Obama Dares Congress To Impeach Him

With each passing day, Barack Obama takes another baby step toward tyranny. For the first time in history, a president has signed a Bill from Congress into law and issued a statement saying that he'll basically take the new law as a suggestion.

Obama Refuses Troops To Poland To Counter Russian Threat

The headline on the story from NewsMax reads "US Sending Troops to Poland Amid Tensions Over Russia," but once you start to read the story, the sad truth comes out.

Rand Paul Courts RINO Money

Money is indeed the mother's milk of politics but the question that never seems to be answered is, what does it really buy from political candidates.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Obama's Brother Cozy With Cult Leader?

Is Barack Obama's half-brother cozy with this cult leader? Read the report. Make your own determination and ask yourself what the media would say if Barack Obama was a Republican president.

The Dirt On Kathleen Sebelius' Replacement?

Was being named to head the Department of Health and Human Services this woman's reward for denying Veterans access to memorials during the so-called "government shutdown"?

Did Lois Lerner Conspire With DOJ To Throw Conservatives In Jail?

Read the emails and make your own determination but it's apparent that the Obama Regime simply didn't want to "silence" conservatives and that a number of government agencies coordinated on the dirty deed. No wonder Lerner plead the Fifth Amendment.

Shocking: Taxpayers Fund Abortion Industry To The Tune Of 1.5 Million Per Day

That's a lot of money for the American taxpayer to spend on promoting abortion. Read the rest of the story for the dirty details.

IRS Demands Ron Paul's Donor List

If an IRS agent were assigned to every polling place in the nation and allowed to note who you voted for, would you come to the conclusion that you were living under tyranny? ...

Congressman Moves To Cut Off Eric Holder's Salary

Cut off his salary? Far too many Americans would probably rather see Eric Holder placed in a 5 x 10 foot stinking cell.

Posted By: Chris Carmouche