Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Obama's Brother Cozy With Cult Leader?

Is Barack Obama's half-brother cozy with this cult leader? Read the report. Make your own determination and ask yourself what the media would say if Barack Obama was a Republican president.

The Dirt On Kathleen Sebelius' Replacement?

Was being named to head the Department of Health and Human Services this woman's reward for denying Veterans access to memorials during the so-called "government shutdown"?

Did Lois Lerner Conspire With DOJ To Throw Conservatives In Jail?

Read the emails and make your own determination but it's apparent that the Obama Regime simply didn't want to "silence" conservatives and that a number of government agencies coordinated on the dirty deed. No wonder Lerner plead the Fifth Amendment.

Shocking: Taxpayers Fund Abortion Industry To The Tune Of 1.5 Million Per Day

That's a lot of money for the American taxpayer to spend on promoting abortion. Read the rest of the story for the dirty details.

IRS Demands Ron Paul's Donor List

If an IRS agent were assigned to every polling place in the nation and allowed to note who you voted for, would you come to the conclusion that you were living under tyranny? ...

Congressman Moves To Cut Off Eric Holder's Salary

Cut off his salary? Far too many Americans would probably rather see Eric Holder placed in a 5 x 10 foot stinking cell.

Food Stamp Recipients Outnumber Women Who Work Full-Time

What more needs to be said? ...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Obama Taps Openly Gay Bishop For Easter Prayer

If you believe Obama's request was a coincidence, we've got some swamp land in Florida we want you to consider buying...

Will Sheriff Joe Arpaio Run For AZ Governor?

Get the answer and hear Sheriff Arpaio give the latest on his investigation into Obama Birth Certificate and document fraud. Is something big is about to break...?

Ron Paul Predicts Feds Will Show Up In Force At Bundy Ranch

Former Congressman Ron Paul says that the Bundy Ranch standoff is far from over and is predicting that the feds will come back with "deadly force."

Posted By: Chris Carmouche