Friday, October 20, 2017

World's Largest Abortion Clinic Caught Offering Bonuses To Staffers To 'Sell More Abortions'

Marie Stopes International, one of the largest abortion chains in the world, reportedly gave its staff incentives to encourage women to abort their unborn babies...

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Gold Star Widow Releases Audio Of Trump Call

Gold star widow Natasha De Alencar released the audio of a phone conversation she had with President Donald Trump in April about the death of her husband who was killed in Afghanistan. "I am so sorry to hear about the whole situation...

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White Nationalist Richard Spencer Accuses Protesters Of Stifling Free Speech

Students and other audience members heavily booed white nationalist Richard Spencer on Thursday as he gave a speech at the University of Florida... "We represent a new white America," said one speaker who came onstage to introduce Spencer. Later, Spencer's supporters, some of whom filled the front rows of the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, chanted back: "You will not replace us!"...

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IRS To Block Tax Returns That Lack ObamaCare Disclosures

The IRS is warning tax professionals that it will block or suspend processing of 2017 income tax returns that do not comply with ObamaCare rules requiring filers to disclose their health insurance status...

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Judge Orders Trump Administration To Facilitate Illegal Alien Abortions

A federal judge nominated by Barack Obama today ordered the Trump Administration to allow an undocumented teenage girl in the state of Texas to have an abortion that could be funded partly at taxpayer expense...

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Pro-Abortion Billionaire George Soros Gives $18 Billion To Make His Foundation Second Richest In U.S.

George Soros, the billionaire who funds left-wing activism worldwide, gave $18 billion to his pro-abortion Open Society Foundations, making it the second richest U.S. charity...

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Neo-NAZI Comes Out As Gay And Jewish

A Neo-Nazi said he has decided to quit the far-right group he has long been a member of after coming out as gay and admitting to having Jewish roots...

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Truth Emerges About Islamic Link To Vikings

Another claim of early Islamic influence on Western civilization has just bitten the dust, this time after only six days...

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Liberals Exploit Illegal Immigrants... Push Free Abortions For Non-Citizens

The story of a pregnant teenager, an illegal alien, has captured attention as the American Civil Liberties Union and abortion industry argue the United States should open its doors to all seeking abortion. Naturally, they believe that U.S. taxpayers ultimately should pay for it...

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Dems Clobbering GOP In 3Q Fundraising

The DCCC raised $8.9 million in September, bringing the committee's third quarter fundraising total to $21.4 million, according to figures tweeted by the DCCC's executive director, Dan Sena...

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Posted By: Chris Carmouche