Thursday, July 24, 2014

[Video] Border Agent Pulls Gun On Boy Scout's Head

They say the recent illegal alien invasion is all "about the children," but if you're an American citizen and a Boy Scout, the rules are different. Watch this report which details how a border agent detained a Boy Scout troop for four hours and threatened one boy with a loaded pistol to the head..

[Video] Watch Planned Parenthood Instruct 15 Year-Old To Let Sex Partners Beat Her

Here's the third video installment from Live Action. Remember, your tax dollars are hard at work here...

[Video] Police Laugh At Victims As Thieves Steal Their Property

It's no joke, but if it helps to understand the situation, know that the victims were pro-life activists. Watch this video and see these police officers laugh at the victims as they watch thieves steal their property.

Woman in Labor 'Not Allowed' To Cross Street To Hospital Over Obama's Impending Motorcade

Is this woman the latest victim of ObamaCare? She was in labor and the hospital was yards away, but this woman was prohibited from seeking treatment for a half-hour while authorities waited for Barack Obama's motorcade to arrive.

Caught: Democrat Senator Plagiarized His Master's Thesis

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

[Video] New Yorkers Shout 'Impeach Obama'

It was a protest against illegal immigration but watch as the crowd of New Yorkers starts shouting "Impeach Obama."

Sarah Palin's Run-In With Police

The fact that she was pulled is shocking but you'll never believe what she said about it after the fact...

Republican Congressman Unloads On Obama's IRS Apparatchik

The gloves are off and you'll never guess what Congressman Jim Jordan said to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen....

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Poll: 42 Percent Doubt Obama A U.S. Citizen

Shhhh... don't tell the GOP elities in Washington... the news might send them into fits...

Republicans Poised To Lose Big In November?

J.B. Williams claims that Republicans will lose big in November unless someone moves to impeach Barack Hussein Obama. Do you agree or disagree?

Posted By: Chris Carmouche