Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hillary Aide With Muslim Brotherhood Connections Also Had 'Private' Clinton Email Account

Email-gate gets worse for Hillary with each passing day. Now it is being alledged that a top Hillary aide with Muslim Brotherhood connections also maintained a 'private' email account on Hillary Clinton's personal mail server.

'Run Away Ben, Run Away'

Perhaps the slogan "Run Ben, Run" should be changed to 'Run Away Ben, Run Away." Dr. Ben Carson showed his true colors and his willingness to capitulate to the radical left by apologizing for comments that drew the ire of the radical homosexual movement.

Gowdy Issues Subpoenas For Hillary Clinton’s Communications

The Select Committee on Benghazi, chaired by Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., issued subpoenas for "all communications" from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The List: The 75 House Republicans Who Voted To Fund Obama's Unconstitutional Amnesty Decree

Is your Congressman on the list. Forward this one out, save it to your hard drive, but whatever you do, never forget...

Exposed: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Infiltration Of The American Government

The Betrayal Papers trace the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in American foreign and domestic policies. This five-part series evidences Islamic infiltration throughout our American government designed to create a totalitarian, genocidal, global Islamic State.

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[Video] Watch The New RNC Ad That Slams Hillary Clinton

The Republican National Committee (RNC) just released a new ad attacking former First Lady Hillary Clinton and it's a doozy...

[Video] Did Hillary Discuss Obama Birth Certificate In Secret Emails?

Even in humor, there is truth. Fox News' Megyn Kelly asked, in jest, whether or not Hillary used her "private email account to send those chain e-mails about Obama being born in Kenya." Hat Tip: Birther Report.

What Exactly Is The Department Of Homeland Security Good For Anyway?

Ironically, the best case for shutting down this department is its most well-known component — the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). More terrorist attacks have been thwarted by airline passengers than by the TSA....

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Ben Carson Speaks Out On Homosexuality

And the radical gay-rights lobby is not going to be too happy over what he said...

Trey Gowdy's Committee: Americans Have The Right To Know What's In Hillary's Emails

And yes, Gowdy's committee plans to issue subpoenas and the ensuing scandal could wind up being bigger than Whitewater....

Posted By: Chris Carmouche