Thursday, October 30, 2014

New Study: Illegal Aliens Propelled Obama To Victory In 2008

The allegation is not new, but this study puts number to the allegation and concludes that up to 2.8 million illegal aliens voted in 2008.

Commentary: Vote Republican, Even If It Hurts

It's become the mother of all political clich├ęs: Every election, we are told, is the most important of our lifetime. If our side doesn't win, it's 40 years of darkness, earthquakes, rivers and seas boiling, human-sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria – or worse.

One Of Four U.S. Doctors Will Not Participate In ObamaCare Exchanges

If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, unless, of course, you're forced to participate in the ObamaCare mandated exchange...

Spouse Of Senate Democrat Caught Stealing Campaign Signs

Highly illegal and highly immature...

Pelosi Urges Obama To 'Legalize' All Illegal Aliens

You probably didn't hear about it because Pelosi penned the op-ed piece for Univision...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Breaking Obama Birth Certificate Update: New Evidence That Loretta Fuddy's Death Was Foul Play?

This story may break hard. The Maui, Hawaii Police Department has confirmed that Loretta Fuddy, a woman with intimate inside knowledge of Barack Obama's alleged birth certificate, died by drowning and not "cardiac arrhythmia" as was initially reported; and now, even more people are starting to smell a cover-up.

Google Developing Cancer-Detection Pill

No... we're not kidding. Google is really pushing the boundaries of nano-technology. What we haven't figured out is why isn't this effort front-page news.

Spoiled Child Alert: Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox Will Now Sue Maine Over Her Self-Quarantine

Just in case you were still vacillating over whether travel bans and quarantines are really necessary, the actions and rants of this spoiled child, who has the audacity to call herself a medical practitioner, should remove all doubt.

Ferguson Leak: No Indictment For Brave Policeman Who Shot Violent Thug Michael Brown

The information has now been leaked and even though the sources are anonymous, the information appears credible.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

[Video] Film Clips Exposing The Radical Obama Socialist Agenda

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert plays a number of clips from his latest feature film documentary, There's No Place Like Utopia. Gilbert notes that Obama's entire personal and political history is a lie.

Posted By: Chris Carmouche