Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Homosexuals Pursue 'Irreversible Harm' To Christian Woman

We're here... we're queer... and we're coming after you... get used to it...

(WND) "These plaintiffs sought licenses from Davis only after learning of her religious objections to SSM, and they refuse to obtain a license elsewhere."

They want, the court filing explains, "to induce irreversible and substantial harm to the religious conscience of Davis."

"If Davis' religious objection cannot be accommodated under the circumstances of this case, then elected officials have no real religious freedom when they take public office,” Staver warned.

The brief argues, “There is no constitutional right to have a particular person authorize a SSM license and affix their imprimatur to that permanent public record, especially if that person holds deep religious convictions prohibiting her from participating in and approving of SSM."...

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