Monday, August 3, 2015

Rush Predicts The Winning Of Thursday's GOP Debate?

Be on the lookout for nuclear war. This candidate may pull the trigger and blow the whole thing up?...

(WND) With the first televised debate among Republican candidates scheduled for this Thursday, radio host Rush Limbaugh thinks Donald Trump may "blow up" the event with "fireworks" because of its "stale, stupid" formula.

"I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump's objective is to blow up this whole format, because it's predictable, it’s stale," Limbaugh said Monday on his national broadcast. "I think at some point, Trump's just gonna say how stupid he thinks this is, and how unproductive he thinks this is."

"He’ll talk about how it's not productive toward choosing a candidate, that it just muddies the waters and it doesn't give anybody enough time to do anything, and there's no way that all 10 people can personally interact with each other. Then you’ve got the moderators trying to interject and keep control of the thing, and trying to make names for themselves, too, even though they deny that."...

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