Sunday, November 16, 2014

[Video] The Hand Of God And The Creation Of The Universe

What if everything we thought we knew about the universe turned out to be fiction? This recently released movie explores that premise and advances the theory that scientific evidence actually indicates the existence of a divine creator and that the earth is actually at the center of the universe. Watch the trailer


  1. I think that no matter if people are religious, atheist, or agnostic, this is a movie that should be seen so that people can make of it what they will. Trouble is, it's only being released in what appears to be very limited areas, and only in specially selected theaters. So far, It has been in one theater in Addison, IL for one weekend in October and, most recently, in one theater in Chicago. I was told by Rick Delano that the DVD will be released in 2015. I just hope it will be shown in the Aurora/Naperville (IL) area soon!

  2. An extreme case of cinematic stupidity.
    This is not fiction. It is just plain unadulterated stupidity.

  3. 1) all religions are mythology.
    2) the writer is taking some serious drugs to have written this with anything resembling a straight face.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche