Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tony The Tiger Says: 'Homosexuality: It's Greeeaaat'

It's no joke. The fictional Tiger who has graced the boxes of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes for over a half-century is going out strong in favor of the radical gay agenda and appears in a pro-homosexual ad in which he says "wear your stripes with pride." Kellogg's global head of diversity told the Free Press that ""Kellogg is firmly committed to diversity..."

(GOPUSA) Conservative groups are taking to social media to criticize a Kellogg ad featuring Frosted Flakes character Tony the Tiger that says, "Wear your stripes with pride," and sponsorship of a gay pride march in Atlanta.

But others are firing back, voicing support for the Battle Creek-based cereal maker.

On its Facebook page, the American Family Association posted an image of the Kellogg ad, with the comment: "Guess who was a huge sponsor of the Atlanta Gay Pride march and festival last month? They even put an ad in the 'Pride Guide.' "

Responses to the post have been supportive of the nonprofit group and Kellogg. "I guess they just lost our business," one responder posted, while another said, "Good for them."

Mark King, global head of diversity, told the Free Press: "Kellogg is firmly committed to diversity and inclusion and puts a tremendous amount of effort toward ensuring equality through our policies, benefits and culture. We are honored to have been named a Top 50 company for Diversity by DiversityInc, and for achieving a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index."

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  1. I am sick and tired of hearing about diversity and multiculturism. This self grandized behavior is an abomination and to put it on cereal boxes used mostly by children is reprehensible! I will sell my stock in Kelloggs and not purchase another box of their cereal. Let the small percentage of homos keep them in business.

    1. I am tired of listening to bigots like you.

  2. Tony is Greeeaaat!!!

  3. I quit buying Kellogg msny years ago as they have constantly supported liberal and leftist ideas. This just adds to my further reason to not buy a product. I almost gave in to the tiger a few years ago because of their support of Little Lesgue. Ths just reaffirms my continued biycottsp of Kellogg. The homosexul community is dead set agsinst Bible loving and Bible following Christsins, so what little support I use to give to the homosexual community when the "rioted" during the Prop 8 Califormia initiative, where they went around and vadelized conservative churches, tire din signs in support of the proposition, best up a few supporters inkling some senior Citzens, and then when it passed immutably sued. The suit was handled by a Homosexul judge who of course found it "unconstitutional." they don't believe in States Rights and the right of the msjority. If you are a Bibe loving Christain then you also should boycott Kellogg. Thir prices are too high anyway. And you should also boycotting other compsnies who have bent to the homosexul community -- which is composed of less than 5 percent of the population, in some communities they are barely represnted if at ll, but their agenda seems to always be at he top of the list.

  4. Sexual perverts and those with little or no moral character as prescribed in the scriptures by the creator and those that are deceived and follow after them are the reason that this country fallen so low. Crime and sexual perversion is everywhere. As it grows, America declines. Whoredom and harlotry is what leads to the loss of true knowledge and that's what diversity promotes. We have not bought their products for many years. We boycott any company or business that supports this trash. No law of man can supersede the law of Yahweh.

  5. Kelloggs is crap that is bad for your health anyway. It would be best not to buy it regardless of the company's position on homosexuality, which really has no connection to its business whatsoever. They make food and shouldn't even be talking about it at all. These corporations are getting ridiculous. Way too much concern for the gays of the world who are such a tiny fragment of the population. Homosexuals shouldn't be getting anywhere near this much attention.

  6. I say again "Tony is Greeeaaat!!!

  7. Again, Tony is Grrrrrreeeat!.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche