Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tony The Tiger Says: 'Homosexuality: It's Gr-r-reat'

It's no joke. The fictional Tiger who has graced the boxes of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes for over a half-century is now shilling for the radical gay agenda and appears in a pro-homosexual ad in which he says "wear your stripes with pride." Kellogg's global head of diversity - yes, Kellogg apparently has a "global head of diversity" ... wonder how much the position pays -  told the Free Press that "Kellogg is firmly committed to diversity..."

Is The Government Secretly Prepping For A War On Its Own Soil?
A document released by the U.S. Army details government preparations for "full scale riots" and a DHS informant reveals that the federal government is "preparing for civil uprising."

(GOPUSA) Conservative groups are taking to social media to criticize a Kellogg ad featuring Frosted Flakes character Tony the Tiger that says, "Wear your stripes with pride," and sponsorship of a gay pride march in Atlanta.

But others are firing back, voicing support for the Battle Creek-based cereal maker.

On its Facebook page, the American Family Association posted an image of the Kellogg ad, with the comment: "Guess who was a huge sponsor of the Atlanta Gay Pride march and festival last month? They even put an ad in the 'Pride Guide.' "

Responses to the post have been supportive of the nonprofit group and Kellogg. "I guess they just lost our business," one responder posted, while another said, "Good for them."

Mark King, global head of diversity, told the Free Press: "Kellogg is firmly committed to diversity and inclusion and puts a tremendous amount of effort toward ensuring equality through our policies, benefits and culture. We are honored to have been named a Top 50 company for Diversity by DiversityInc, and for achieving a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index.".

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  1. OK - so the cynic in me wants to know if this isn't tied directly to all the WSJ articles I keep reading about how Kellog is reporting horrendously low profits?

    Losing profit? Let's try the Gays!

  2. Boycott Kellog, and when it begins to affect the bottom line see how long Kellog remains firmly committed to "diversity"!

  3. Kellogg's also is cheerleading the rioters in Ferguson, MO. I am done with them.

    1. me too ,don't buy Heinz ketchup anymore ,tied to Kerry ,I buy Hunts so Kellogg's can be added to the list

  4. Diversity INC.? Gag!

  5. I'm so "DONE" with Tony the Queer Tiger. I'll NEVER purchase anything made by Kellog's again. I have also forwarded this to approx. 115 people on my email list.

  6. I always knew that Tony was a fruit.

  7. It is a sad scene developing where the sick, the perverted, the criminal, the twisted all are deserving of special consideration. Man up you weenies. Nothing commands you to follow your corrupt idiosyncrasies. You know the difference between good and evil and right and wrong. Show a little character and man up.

    If you're wondering what the results of this uber tolerance are then take the bible as an historical, rather than religious, document.

  8. Never liked their Cereal any way! But if they want to promote Sodomites, I won't support them! A fagget tiger what will they come up with next? Preversion! What dumb shits.

  9. Hit them were it hurt, their pocket.
    Don’t buy their products.

  10. Helping homosexuals promote their sin....what is this country coming to....We now have a gay President, a openly gay military and now a Gay Tony the Tiger....we are worst then Sodom and Gomorrah


Posted By: Chris Carmouche