Monday, October 13, 2014

University Study Predicts U.S. At High Risk For Importing Ebola

This Northwestern University study not only predicts that Ebola cases will double every 15-20 days (and approach 20,000 by the middle of next month) but that the United States is one of the countries at high risk for importing the disease.

(Conservative Tree House) A collaborative group at Northeastern University is updating their predictive models based in part on air traffic load patterns weekly. Currently, the greatest volume of air passengers from West Africa are to the US and the UK.

They predict that as of October 31st, the countries with the highest risk for importation of infected ebola patients are:

Ghana, The United States, France, Senegal, Ivory Coast, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Belgium, Gambia.

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  1. Our so-called "president" can take full blame for this for not banning in-coming flights from the affected countries. I wonder how he will shift the blame to Bush for this crisis?

    1. Good response. I agree with your comment.

    2. If any of us working citizens were as derilict in the duties of our empolyment as this bunch employed by this administration we would be swiftly unemployed and BLACK BALLED.

  2. Five hospitals in this country, including Harborview Hospital in Seattle stated readiness to handle Ebola patients who will be flown to the U.S. hospitals from West Africa. Is this just a crazy scheme or is this importation of a deadly virus a new form of bioterrorism? It's ironic that the government claims to be fighting terrorism but will condone this deliberate exposure of Americans to the possibility of death by Ebola.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche