Monday, October 13, 2014

Prepare For Massive Voter Fraud In The November Election

You've seen the polls on the nightly news but the one thing that the pundits and experts are not factoring in is the massive voter fraud that will occur on Election Day.

(News With Views) The Democrats are already gearing up to create court battles in many states of the Union the minute the polls close on election day. One columnist recently wrote "If the abuses continue, we may have reached the point that Jefferson foretold." He was referring to Jefferson's comment about the tree of liberty must from time to time be refreshed with the blood of patriots.

There already is violence over the Bush/Kerry ticket, which I find truly pathetic considering either candidate spells more disaster for our Republic.

America is going to see monstrous problems that will make Florida 2000 pale in comparison. The whole horse and pony show that you will see is going to be deliberately engineered. Certainly, the voting system in this country is a mess and there will be provable fraud, but the Democrats are determined to create chaos which will, of course, keep the people divided and their attention diverted from what's really going on behind the scenes in furtherance of a one world government.

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  1. It is unbelievable that the judges have ruled against proper identification to register to vote and to cast votes. Are these particular judges appointed by Obama and his cronies?

    Proper identification to register to vote and to cast a vote does not suppress anyone from voting. Such identification is required to apply for Obamacare, to obtain Medicare, to obtain Medicaid, to obtain food stamps, to obtain Welfare benefits, to obtain Social Security, to obtain "free" cell phones, etc. Or should I say, proper identification is suppose to be required to obtain these services. Maybe proper identification is not being obtained from people applying for these services, which would explain why the funds for these services are being depleted so quickly.

    1. I agree! Even countries who do appear to be as "civilized" as the US require "proof" of eligibility to vote - as well as a "sign" that they actually voted, i.e., finger dipped in ink.
      ALL required voter IDs do is assure that only citizens vote - as is a legal requirement in the US. The democratic desire to stop "voter IDs" is only so as to allow those not eligible to vote as well. It is through the corrupt liberals who themselves vote more than once and the illegals they can recruit to hire....that the liberal Democrats have gotten their own to win elections.
      There is clear documentation of that the total # of voters exceeded the # of eligible voters in many critical elections in the country, and that bus loads of illegals who were bused in to, and directed through, the voting process by individuals accompanying them.
      "NO ID" should mean NO VOTE!

  2. Yes, where is the cry of suppression to obtain entrances to the Democratic convention,or to open a checking account and then to cash a check.There seems to be no suppression in buying liquor. There seems to be be suppression to buy an airline ticket. Motels and Hotels are sill doing business even though you need an ID to rent a room. Unless you are an illegal now you have to show ID to see a doctor.
    Wish some would name an other country that lets non-citizens and people that has no ID to VOTE.
    All those that are crying about suppression need go and try to vote in Mexico or to fly an American flag in a public protest.
    All those that are crying suppression do not love America and are NOT true Americans.

    1. They can find time and money to stand in lines for hours to purchase the newest version of phones or the newest pair of shoes or to protest but cannot find the time to obtain a form of identification to register to vote or to cast a vote. That's BULLSH-T!!!!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche