Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shocking New Report Ties Planned Parenthood To Sex Traffickers

And the relationship between Planned Parenthood and the sex trafficking industry appears just a bit too cozy...

(Life News) A new report on Sex Trafficking has revealed that many women who are victims of Human Trafficking have also had several abortions at Planned Parenthood and abortion facilities.

The authors interviewed several survivors of sex trafficking who stated that many of their pregnancies were forcibly aborted at abortion clinics and some of the doctors may have been clients of their pimps.

In the report entitled, Health Consequences of Sex Trafficking, published by the Annals of Health Law, it reads, "the prevalence of forced abortions is an especially disturbing trend in sex trafficking…The survivors in this study reported that they often did not freely choose the abortions they had while being trafficked."

One survivor stated, "I was under serious pressure from my pimps to abort the babies."

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  1. More far right propaganda.
    If the women had multiple abortions, it would have been at the woman's request. It is the woman's decision.
    It is no one else's business.
    If it is not your body, it is none of you business.

    1. You obviously have no actual knowledge of the way pimps treat & control their "workers". If someone/anyone is placing anyone else into slavery, it is all our business to bring it to an end.

    2. planned parenthood was unfunded by congress for assisting in sex trafficking in 2010 ;; look it up and stop denying your liberal mental illness.

    3. The unborn baby is not a part of the woman's body & has a different set of chromosomes. The unborn baby is a separate entity & like John the baptist, can be saved from within the mother's womb.

  2. old news ;; Brietbart went under cover and sent a man and women to Planned Parent murder and the counselor actually assisted them in setting up a brothel in 2010.Regulus30 here.


  4. I was told by a trusted friend that the dead babies are used in make up. It makes a old person's skin appear younger. So The Dr. charges for the procedure then sale the body. Paid going in and paid going out.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche