Tuesday, October 14, 2014

GOP Candidate Proclaims ObamaCare Is Here To Stay And Republicans Will Make It Better

Say it ain't so. This Republican candidate for Congress just said that if/when Republicans get a majority in both Houses of Congress, they're just going to have to work with Barack Obama "to make it better." And these GOP brain-surgeons are still trying to figure out why conservative voters are not excited and motivated...

(Washington Examiner) A Republican running in a hotly contested race for an open congressional seat now says that Obamacare is here to stay.

David Young, who is running for Iowa's third congressional seat, said at a healthcare forum Monday that the Affordable Care Act "is going to be here to stay," according to the Des Moines Register.

"The president is not going to allow his keystone legislation to go by the wayside. So we're going to have to work to make it better," he said.

That is a marked change from Young’s previous statements on the law. At a training event for activists in August, he said, "We get a Republican majority, let’s defund, cut, delay, whatever it takes to get rid of ObamaCare."

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  1. Given the republicans history, they will not make it better, they will screw it up.

    1. How on earth can anyone make government worse? This socialistic demonic group all need to be removed, taken out or what ever. The entire administration is clueless and just operating on some sort of broken auto pilot. A total group of ignorant idiots supported by low information voters.

  2. My thoughts, exactly.

    1. My thoughts exactly toooooooooo ~~~~~~~


Posted By: Chris Carmouche