Monday, October 13, 2014

Obama Planning Executive Order To Recruit Illegals Into The Military

Obama is decimating our military forces. Our Army is at pre-1940 conscription levels. So why is The Anointed One planning to recruit illegal aliens into the ranks?

(Independent Sentinel) In case you haven’t heard, in September, the Department of Defense outlined Barack Obama’s plan to pass an executive order after the first of the year which will allow illegal aliens to join our military, giving them a path to citizenship. This will apply to those given amnesty under DACA, an illegal law Mr. Obama plans to expand after the first of the year.

Mr. Obama has fired 90,000 soldiers and officers, some while serving in Afghanistan, while he is at the same time planning to hire people who broke the law to get here and stay here and who might have no particular allegiance to this country or worse – they could be infiltrators.

The army is at pre-1940 conscription levels, the Marine Corps is at about 1917 levels, the Navy is at WWI levels and the Air Force is as low as it’s ever been, yet we are firing 90,000 soldiers but we can afford to hire illegals.

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  1. Obama will do anything to provide amnesty to illegal immigrants, at the expense of the legal American taxpayers.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche