Monday, August 4, 2014

Obama Amnesty Push Reignites Impeachment Talk

Obama's Brer Rabbit-Saul Alinsky strategy of ridiculing those who speak of impeachment may be backfiring because some Republicans are refusing to take the bait and warn that a unilateral move by Obama to effectively "legalize" millions of illegals will lead to impeachment.

(Washington Examiner) A House Republican on Sunday said the lower chamber would have to consider impeaching President Obama if he proceeds with plans to expand the deferral of deportations for millions of illegal immigrants.

"If the president has decided that he’s not going to enforce any immigration law ... I think Congress has to sit down and have a serious look at the rest of this Constitution and that includes that I-word that we don’t want to say,” Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, said on “Fox News Sunday."

"Where would we draw the line otherwise?” he added. “If that’s not enough to bring [impeachment] then I don’t know what would be. We've never seen anything in this country like a president that says 'I'm going to make up all immigration law that I choose, and I'm going to drive this thing regardless of the resistance of Congress.'"

House Republican leadership has dismissed the impeachment chatter, however, accusing Democrats of using the speculation as a fundraising ploy. Progressives have focused heavily on the likes of King and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who have long sounded the drum on impeaching Obama.

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  1. Senator Scott, I'll try to contain my rage that is seething inside me because of the deliberate attempt to spead the deadly virus ebola in the guise of compassion. What the fu-k is going on? Do you and the rest of your balless and feckless cohorts think that they and their families will be immune to this disease? Do you think that it is a coincidence that our Muslim-Marxist jihadist just signed yet another umpteenth executive order that says he can lock up sheeple with respitory diseases, I don't, but apparently you cowardly bastards see no symmetry between bringing this deadly virus to our shores and enacting such an anti-American executive order! To make matters worse, he even invites the African politicians and their assistants to our nation fom the area affected with ebola! Who is to say that some of these people are not already infected. God help "US" because you and your cowardly, feckless party hasn't a clue how to deal with this devil incarnate as he sytematically destroys our country as the GOP aids and abets him in his take down o America! You'd better pray that you or your family will not become infected with ebola! I can see forced inoculations with God knows what in them - I will not, let me repeat, I will not be one of the sheeple that will be inoculated by a communit regime that has a culture of death for the sheeple!

    1. This is the way I see it Mr. Anonymous.
      This is a drug to treat Eboli. They now think that in healthy people it may not be such a death sentence. The man got a transfusion from a boy who recovered from it with the help of the drug. Now he is better, walking on his own into the hospital. What if because of this man we get a vaccine? Wouldn't that be great? It does not spread by coughing on someone but only with contact of bodily fluids. Like Aids. This is not going to be like the Black Death that hit Europe. Have faith and relax a little bit. This could be good news.

  2. To resident Obama and all 535 voting members of the Legislature:
    It is now Official that the majority of you are CORRUPT politicians:
    All America knows this - WE ARE NOT STUPID !!
    a. The U.S. Postal Service - 1775 - You had 234 Years to get it right - it's broke.
    b. The V.A. - 1930 - 84 years of lies and betrayal to Vets - COMPLETE Failure !!
    c. Social Security - 1935 - You had 74 Years to get it right - it's broke.
    d. Fannie Mae - 1938 - You had 71 Years to get it right - it's broke.
    e. War on Poverty - 1964 - You had 45 Years to get it right - FAIL!
    f. Medicare/Caid - 1965 - You had 44 Years to get them right - they're broke.
    g. Freddie Mac - 1970 - You had 39 Years to get it right - it's broke.
    h. AmTrack - 1970 - You had 39 Years to get it right - it's broke.
    i. War on Drugs - 1976 - You had 38 Years to get it right - Huge FAILURE!
    j. The Department of Energy created in 1977 to cut our need for foreign oil.
    It has ballooned to 16,000 employees with a budget of $24 Billion a year and we Import
    MORE oil than ever before ! - You had 32 Years to get it right-It's an ABYSMAL failure.

    You people have FAILED in EVERY "government service" you have shoved down our throats,while Overspending our tax dollars….

  3. Dem. mostly and some other politicians are not paying attention to what they are doing. Laws on top of laws to correct the bad laws they made.
    Sarah Palin had it right, throw out 1/2 of the laws. Then I say, then lets talk about the other half to get rid of.
    The Constitution and the Bill of Right are being tramp on.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche