Monday, August 4, 2014

[Video] Obama Out Of Control... Nation In A Constitutional Crisis

Liberals tell us that impeaching Barack Obama would put us in a "constitutional crisis" but Heritage Action CEO Michael Needham rightly points out that we're already in a Constitutional crisis.


  1. "They are all older and they are all white"...actually lies even if it was meant to represent Older white people as basically racists...Tea Party members come in all shapes, sizes and colors, including all ages.

    1. The Teatard right wing is virtually 100% white racist bigots.
      They are "all shapes and sizes", but they are all white.

  2. The constitutional crisis is the teatards obstructing the operation of the government.

    Then we have Bonehead trying to sue the president for keeping the government running.

  3. The birth certificate thing was debunked and declared dead and was burred a year ago.

    The teatard fools just keep making themselves look like fools. (which they are)


Posted By: Chris Carmouche