Tuesday, August 5, 2014

[Video] Michelle Bachmann Says 'Handcuff' Barack Obama

When Michelle Bachmann said we should "handcuff on this lawless president’s hands," Democrats on the House floor lost their cool. Watch...


  1. Better idea. Put Michelle Bachmann in a straight jacket.
    She is one crazy loony bird.

    1. Yeah, good ole Kenyan Banana Boy Obama is not destroying the Republic you live in and derive your rights and liberties from? You are insane and should be locked up for life. You are a classic Democrat, too stupid to be allowed to think.

    2. you people are dumb demonuts you can't see the forest from the trees dumbo is an illegal ailen who usurped the office illegally.

  2. Michelle: Why does America have to implement Obama's laws when the constitution to do so doesn't allow him to do this? So, at least the house (like what you were trying to do) meet and pass your own law and state that No agency of the gov't or anyone else can implement/fund these illegal laws??? And, have people arrested if they do so as they are doing an illegal act as well......

  3. Obama should be put behind bars. He is a threat to America.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche