Thursday, July 24, 2014

[Video] Watch Planned Parenthood Instruct 15 Year-Old To Let Sex Partners Beat Her

Here's the third video installment from Live Action. Remember, your tax dollars are hard at work here...


  1. Planned Parenthood is entirely unwilling to teach that sexuality and committed, love have anything to do with each other. As a result, sexual expression being affectionate, loving or carrying with it some actual adult responsibility is not discussed. They teach only that others are to be used for one's own enjoyment. This is so wrong. Parents may do their best to teach moral and responsible sexuality but our own government is hell bent on teaching that sex is a recreational pastime and other people are playthings.

    Gov't amasses great power over people obsessed with pleasuring themselves. By purposely tearing down all of the structure by which societies have channeled sexual energy for the good of society, Planned Parenthood's participation in the destruction of the societal glue - marriage, family, morality serves to further the Statist agenda. Focus on your genitals, America - you're government will control everything else!

  2. The woman "lecturing the girl" is an anti Planned Parenthood, anti-choice propaganda whore.

    No one at Planned Parenthood would do something like this.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche