Friday, March 28, 2014

The End Of ObamaCare?

"While the media have largely focused on the Hobby Lobby challenge, a few blocks away, the D.C. Court of Appeals was hearing another argument about ObamaCare—one that, if passed, could well have the effect of ending this law as we know it. And it has liberals running scared."

(Western Journalism) In the piece "Forget Hobby Lobby. The Bigger Legal Threat to ObamaCare Still Has Life," Alec Macgillis writes for the New Republic, “If the contraception challenge succeeds, it just means that that one sliver of ObamaCare is struck down. If this other challenge succeeds, both sides agree that it would blow up the entire law.”

The argument for the plaintiffs is as follows: In order to provide the 60th vote, which was necessary to get the bill through the Senate, Ben Nelson, the then-Democratic senator from Nebraska, insisted on a clause that said that federal subsidies could only go to people who signed up on exchanges set up by the states. The purpose was to incentivize states to actually set up exchanges.

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  1. This law is unconstitutional and we all know it. The Supreme Court would know it too, if they had bothered to read it before they shoved it down our throats. It was never about health, it is about control and redistribution of wealth. The people will never follow Socialized medicine. It is hurting thousands of us every day that it exists. how do you like death panels for your parents after they have worked hard all of their lives. There is no healthcare in this law at all. Decent Doctors won't touch it. It is cruelty and fear to people who do not deserve to have their lives filled with fear and pain.

  2. We have a president who most probably isn't even eligible. He is a LYING muslim and anti-American, SOOOOO where is CONGRESS and the PRESS ?????

  3. The Senate and the press are so in love with the first black president, that it doesn't matter what he does. This is a racist attitude. It doesn't matter what color he is. He is destroying the US as part of his plan to bring the Grand Caliphate into existance as Muslims have been working toward since the Seventh Century.

  4. and yet all true Americans are snow balled , into a law when PELOSIE stated we need to pass it to know what is in it!!! what a forest of typical politicians.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche