Friday, March 28, 2014

Forget Ukraine: You Won't Believe What Else Vladmir Putin Is Doing

As Valdmir Putin flexes his muscle in the Ukraine, other recent Russian foreign policy developments, which do not bode well for us, are going largely unreported...

(Impeach Obama Campaign) Meanwhile, an even more threatening development is taking place in our own hemisphere, and it’s gone virtually unreported. Russia is moving advisors and arms, and generally increasing its involvement in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

Cuba and Nicaragua were both flashpoints of contention with Russia during the Cold War.

Obama needs to make it clear to the leaders of these three Latin American countries that there will be grave consequences for deepening ties with Russia. If Russia wants us out of its sphere of influence, the United States must demand that Russia stays out of ours.

Next, we should do what we can to bolster the current government in Ukraine. Any money used to quickly strengthen the regime would likely be well spent. Yet Obama, who has repeatedly used his power to act unilaterally in domestic affairs, has let the bill to help Ukraine get bogged down in Congress over unrelated issues.

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  1. Forget the incompetent leader, Where the HELL is the PRESS ??????


Posted By: Chris Carmouche