Friday, March 28, 2014

New Film Noah: God Takes A Backseat To Evolution And Black Magic

Russell Crowe, who stars as Noah in the recently released film of the same name, says that people shouldn't be critical of the film until they see it, but those who have seen it are alarmed by the themes of radical environmentalism, evolution and black magic that are pushed in the film.

(WND) The newly released movie “Noah” features a retelling of the creation story that clearly depicts Darwinian evolution transforming a single-cell organism into a monkey.

The movie also seems to show magic in scenes more reminiscent of the occult than of the Bible story.

While on the ark, the Noah character tells his family the story of creation, recounting nearly word-for-word the account in the book of Genesis.

As Noah tells the creation story, a single-cell amoeba-like object is seen morphing into two cells that eventually become the creatures of the sea. The fish are shown growing feet and walking onto the land as reptiles, which in turn morph into various other land species and eventually become a monkey in a tree.

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  1. What else would you expect from a secular Hollywood. When the truth is twisted, just slightly, it becomes a lie.

  2. The producers, directors, actors, and all involved in that industry for the most part have been atheist, communist, homosexuals, and just about any other pervert against decent humanity that can be imagined. This picture is pure rejection of God.

  3. This is a film to dishonor the Holy Bible and Christians in a Christian/Judeo country. The story mentions God 20 times and lord 7 times. The man says creator. If you are going to write about something, you should at least tell the story right. By the way, it had nothing to do with the environment at all.

  4. As it is and should be.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche