Friday, September 27, 2013

[Video] Mark Levin Calls John McCain A 'Useful Idiot'

Mark Levin hammered John McCain for being unwilling to engage Ted Cruz while he was on the floor for 21 hours, only to wait for him to finish to attack Cruz. Levin called McCain a 'complete useful idiot for the Democrats' and said he’s a pathetic Senator.

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  1. Sen. John McCain is a Progressive Republican, it is as bad, maybe worse than the Democrats--(we don't really have Democrats anymore, they are all Progressive nutcases. wish they would come out of the closet like disgusting Hilary did when she ran against Obama),
    McCain is not a useful idiot, he wants this crap, just wants a different way to get there. Look at what he has done in Arizonia, esp. the border, he doesn't care about the people there. He doesn't care that the people on the border are not protected by the Federal government. It is all about HIM. just like Harry Reid, Pelosi and their ilk. They do not care about the American People!!! Only their sick agenda. I wish Americans will wake up and discover that they have just been scammed by their elected officials. Stop being suckers........!!!

  2. I agree McCain is a RINO, I can't understand why the people of AZ. keep voting for him, when he continues to do nothing about the BORDER He caters to the Large Growers who want the cheap labor. If the growers want the cheap labor so bad let them pay for Illegals healthcare.

  3. The only problem I can see with that remark is the addition of the adjective, useful.

  4. Yes, Republicans have "Progressives" in the Party and it's past time to vote them out. I know the story is the Socialist went underground and changed their name to Progressive Democrats for acceptability in America BUT Obama is Marxist and they follow him blindly. Have Progressives graduated into Marxism? Seems so!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche