Friday, September 27, 2013

Ron Paul Predicts 2016 GOP Presidential Nominee

And you'll never guess just who this "moderate" candidate is...

(WND) When, at the end of the interview, Leno asked Paul to predict the Republican nomination, the former Libertarian and GOP candidate alluded directly to his Kentucky senator son: “Well, probably somebody who lives in Texas – I mean used to live in Texas, lives in Kentucky now. He’ll probably end up getting it.”

Leno also asked if Paul’s son Rand was a "tea-party guy."

"I think so," Paul responded. "I think when he ran for Senate, he sort of surprised me. … I didn’t think he would do all that well. … But most of the grass-root organization came from tea-party groups, that meant people who were sick and tired of both parties because they didn’t trust either party, and they were people who were sick and tired of big government spending and all the debt.

"[Rand] told me the size of the nonpartisan groups, much much bigger, parties aren’t very popular these days," Paul continued.

"Your son seems to be getting more moderate to me," claimed Leno. "A couple of weeks ago, I saw him sort of praising President Obama for something he did."

"If I call him a moderate, I’ll destroy his political career." Paul responded. "You don’t want me to do that."

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1 comment:

  1. Not that anyone cares but my prediction is another loser in Jeb "loser" Bush. It fits the profile of a Republican open border socialist. Appealing and stupid.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche