Friday, September 27, 2013

Names: 25 Republican Senators Who Voted To Fund ObamaCare...

Here are the 25 Republican Senators who voted to fund Obamacare today before they voted against it. Be sure to share this list with your friends via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Alexander (TN)
Ayotte (NH)
Barrasso (WY)
Blunt (MO)
Boozman (AR)
Burr (NC)
Chambliss (GA)
Chiesa (NJ)
Coats (IN)
Coburn (OK)
Cochran (MS)
Collins (ME)
Corker (TN)
Cornyn (TX)
Graham (SC)
Hoeven (ND)
Isakson (GA)
Johanns (NE)
Johnson (WI)
Kirk (IL)
McCain (AZ)
McConnell (KY)
Murkowski (AK)
Thune (SD)
Wicker (MS)

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  1. Senator Coburn, supported by the NRA with money, one might think, the NRA would press Coburn to Defend The Republic. Clearly the NRA is Not About The Defence of This Republic. Pretenders they are.

    1. NRA: Not Real Americans

    2. NRA: Noble Real American's

  2. Sen. Coburn is serving his last term. Too bad, I won't be able to vote against him.

  3. Those 25 Senators do not deserve to have any recognition at all.They all might as well put a a big "D" after their names.They promised they would do everything posable to repeal Obamacare. They are liars just like Obama is. They do not care what happens to America.
    It will no longer be Obamacare it will "Rinocare" Since they were allowed to get off the train they won't be on the train when it go off the tracks.

    1. hose 25 are the only real Americans in the republican caucus.

  4. Portman of Ohio should be added to this list.

    1. Yes, Portman is too far to the right. He should be replaced with a good DEMOCARAT.

  5. yeah... and GA's Senator Isakson had the gall to go into his newsletter on Friday after he voted FOR funding and publish this lie:
    Today, I also voted against Senate Majority Leader Reid’s amendment that would restore funding for Obamacare to the House-passed CR. Unfortunately, Senator Reid’s amendment passed by a vote of 54-44. I then voted against final passage of the CR because I was disappointed that Sen. Reid’s amendment was added to the bill. The continuing resolution passed by a vote of 54 to 44.

    1. He is my piece of a senator along with his pathetic sidekick Chambliss! Their problem has always been that think we are all fools! And they were right. At least we can rid D.C. of one of these cancers on the body politic!!!

  6. I think they all should be recalled and replaced!!
    Does not surprise me on McCain or Lindsey Graham, I have known they are "Democrats in the closet". Or actually Progressives that use the weak, uninformed and brainwashed to their advantage and then disgard them as refuse. Just really take a good look at their record. It says it all!

  7. Time to get rid of these fools!

    1. I assume you mean the Transylvania tea bags, who are sucking the life blood out of our nation. Just like the imfamous fellow from Transylvania.

  8. I tell them all the same thing. Go to your D.C. home and pack. If you are already packed just sit there for a year or so and wait for the limo to pick you up. Don't bother to come in even for your check! We'll mail it! Washington's gain will be your home state's loss but it can't be helped! Don't let the door hit you in the butt!

    1. It is the Transylvania tea bags that should be packing. The people are going to throw them all out of office.

  9. Thanks for publishing the list. I printed it out and hung it above my phone. Now anytime I get a call to contribute to the GOP, I will ask if any of the money will go to any of those RINOs. If the caller cannot guarantee that they will not receive funds I will hang up.

    I will support Conservative candidates individually.

  10. Unfortunatlly, none of them are in Ohio, so I cannot support them.

  11. Shame on you, I want nothing to do with the likes of you. May God have mercy on all of you


Posted By: Chris Carmouche