Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pics From ObamaCare Rally: ObamaCare Is Our Red Line

Here are some wonderful pics from the ObamaCare rally on the Capitol. Hat tip to National Review Online...

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  1. Many use the football game, to excuse themselves from participating in the Defense of This Republic.
    Like Congress, real citizens, turn their back upon this Republic, preferring A Vicarious Life.

  2. After all the protest and rallies, our stupid congress still believe they know what's best for us. These our the idiots that you the people keep putting back into office, again, again and again. When will you wake up? These people DO NOT represent us, they vote by their beliefs not what the majority wants. If they listened to us we wouldn't be having this problem.

    1. Get the truth about Obama care, not the lies the right is telling you.

      Take time to see what it really is. After you do, you will like it.

  3. The whole rally was disgusting. The ACA (or Obama care as it has become known) is the best piece of legislation to come out of congress in 50 years.

    The only reason people are against it is the massive never ending stream of lies the right keeps pushing out about it.

    When asked if they like it by what it does,in all cases, it gets 80% to 90% approval.

    I may be registered as a republican, but I cannot support either what you are pushing on the American people, or any of you candidates.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche