Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Police Assault Family For Minor Traffic Offense

Watch as this police officer kicks a young man. The family is also claiming that an officer pulled the man's mother to the ground and dragged her across the concrete.

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  1. I was surprised the fat cop could lift his leg enough to kick him even while he was down?

    1. find the cop and kick his Ass...it is time to remember who they are and kick ass

  2. Although I do not actively condone being a vigilanty, I do foresee it hapninig in this instance. These MORONS were hired to [P]rotect [A]nd serve, thier actions scream for intolorance and no quarter should be given!!!

  3. Until we make these cops responsible for their own behavior, instead of the tax payers, this brutality will escalate. That is, the tax payers should not pay to defend or settle these suits. Rather, let these cops pay for their own defense costs and settlement even if it means tapping into their retirement benefits.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche