Wednesday, August 15, 2012

121 Bravely Stand In Opposition To The Global Gay Agenda

The Obama State Department is once again flexing its muscle in what has become an ongoing and unrelenting effort to aggressively promote the radical gay agenda across the globe, and the latest target is the Czech Republic, where the Obama administration has joined with other "outside pressure groups" to push the radical gay agenda in the Czech Republic, in direct opposition to the will of the overwhelming majority of the Czech people.

This latest action has prompted GrassTopsUSA to join 120 other national and international pro-family organizations, under the umbrella of The World Congress of Families, to officially protest the State Department's participation in "gay-pride" festivities that will take place on August 18 in Prague.

According to the document protesting the State Department's promotion of the "gay-pride" festivities, the Obama State Department's participation in the Prague event is simply the latest action, in what is steadily becoming an Obama administration policy of "cultural imperialism," that is designed to "force approval of the gay agenda on societies with traditional values" across the globe.

Back in June, GrassTopsUSA also took a firm stand in opposition to the Obama State Department's aggressive promotion of "Baltic Gay-Pride" events in Riga, Latvia and also spoke out in condemnation of recent Obama administration "bullying tactics" in Jamaica to promote the radical gay-agenda there as well.

The 121 national and international pro-family organizations begin the condemnation of the State Department's actions in the Czech Republic by noting: "At the directive of the president of the United States, Washington is aggressively promoting the 'gay’ agenda internationally, including same-sex 'marriage' and the stigmatization and marginalization of any who object to the same."

While hateful "gay-rights" organizations and radical individuals have already started denouncing the brave stance of the 121 national and international pro-family organizations as "fascism" and the "action of hate groups," Christopher Carmouche, the executive director of GrassTopsUSA takes note of the irony: "This recent stance, and the stances we have taken as of late, have come at the insistence of organizations within the respective countries... organizations that represent the will of the overwhelming majority of the people of those countries."

He added: "Faced with attacks to their cultures from political interlopers, who are working hand-in-hand with the Obama Regime, citizens of other countries have started to reach-out beyond their borders and pro-family organizations, across the globe are thankfully answering the call."

"The majority of people in foreign countries, like the people of the United States, oppose the promotion of so-called 'same-sex marriage,' the promotion of the radical gay agenda, and the promotion of that agenda by the Obama Regime not only spreads the unfortunate myth that the people of the United States openly encourage our political leaders to promote 'cultural imperialism,' but places our national security in peril by undermining the good will that exists between the United States and its allies around the world."

"We only hope that this stance in opposition to the promotion of the radical gay agenda helps to promote good will with our allies and shows the people of the world that the people of the United States stand with them against this oppressive and politically-correct tyranny.".


  1. This is NOT the "job" of the United States President, Administration, Government or any faction of the United States. If some group of sexual deviants want to spend THEIR money & time in this, then so be it, but if they get tangled in Czech laws, then THEY face the consequences.

    1. Speaking of "not their job," the U.S. Government is involved in so many things that constitutionally isn't its job that this country is seriously doomed if we the American people don't reign our government in and FAST.

      This gay controvery is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to out-of-control government in America.

    2. I would like to know why we are not in Egypt,syria,Iran,Turkey,Afganistan and Saudia Arabia with this Gay Agenda thing. We could send in Hillary Clinton being that she is already best friends with the Muslim Brotherhood..We should fax blast the White House and suggest he send Michelle with her!

  2. I am coming to the conviction Obama is trying to create a strong enough controversy, internationally or in America, that would allow him to declare Marshall Law in America, and cancel the election.
    He already has placed an order for 450 Mio. .40 cal. (nominally illegal) hollow point rifle munition and hundreds of bullet proof guard houses.
    Ask yourself, why??
    He is preparing for an armed insurrection.
    The question is how many police, State militia, armed forces will remember they swore an oath to the Constitution, NOT to the President.
    Obama hates America, he is trying to bring it down.

    1. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.
      Perhaps if he surrendered his crown and returned to being a President he wouldn't need all that ammo.

    2. 'RETURNED' to being a president?? He CAN'T 'return' to a place he's NEVER BEEN before!!

    I truly hope the military and police will turn around and raid the white House and Capitol and arrest all these tyrants who are SO against the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    The People must win.
    If homosexuals want to parade let them do it on thier own and NOT FORCED to do so by some invaders, for this is what they are. Invading a private country witheir false ideas.

  4. Czechoslovakia was one of Hitler's first targets for abuse outside his borders. How ironic that the most dictatorial president in US history should follow in his footsteps.

    1. Ditto... your comment is downright sublime!

  5. This disgrace of a president (Yeah, I know the title should be in caps, but he does not fit the meaning of the word) does not have my permission to use my tax dollars to promote his gay agenda around the world.What in the world is it going to take to get this creature out of the White House before he trys to turn those "civilian guards" guns against us. Lets hope he opens up on the House and Senate also since we don't seem to need them for a dictator government.

  6. It's "martial" law, not Marshall law.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche