Thursday, June 28, 2012

U.S. State Department Bullies Jamaica: Push "Gay Rights" Or Else

Yet again, Barack Obama's minions in the U.S. State Department are behaving like the mythical "Ugly American," and are strong-arming yet another sovereign nation into accepting the Obama State Department's imperial dicta on "gay rights."

The Jamaica Gleaner recently quoted U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Baer as emphatically stating that when it comes to the acceptance of homosexuality, the United States "will not leave it up to the Jamaican society to decide at its own pace...."
The Gleaner went on to state: "'No! They shouldn't,' the deputy assistant secretary of state responded when asked whether individual nations should be left to decide for themselves on LGBT rights."

Jamaicans, or the people of other nations, should not "be left to decide" internal domestic issues "for themselves?" Agree with the underlying issues or not, it's always a might disturbing, except in cases directly affecting our national security or the physical abuses of groups of individuals for any reason, when the United States selectively attempts to bully sovereign nations into adopting a particular stance on any issue.

Moreover, this overt act of bullying on the part of Obama's State Department is not an isolated incident. Recently, the people of the nation of Latvia were subjected to the same disrespectful treatment.

What is perhaps even more disturbing is that even though the Gleaner makes it clear that Baer was confining his demands to issues of "discrimination," in what can only be described as a clumsy and heavy-handed attempt to elevate mere opposition to the public promotion of the homosexual lifestyle to the same level as physical human right's abuses, Baer went on to say: "They shouldn't be left to decide on their own, the same way they shouldn't be left to decide on their own whether women should be beaten up or imprisoned for being women or whether somebody of a particular religious group ought to be beaten up or imprisoned for being part of that religious group."

Very disturbing... When Barack Obama ran for the office of President of the United States, his supporters constantly chanted the mantra; "Yes We Can." Now his deputy, Daniel Baer is telling the Jamaican people; "No They Shouldn't." You can read the full story at the Jamaica Gleaner website by following the link below.

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  1. Obama or anyone in his administration has no right telling the people of Jamaica or any other country what to do and I hope the people of Jamaica doesn't give in to them. Obama is bound and determined that he is going to rule the United States and the entire world. Hopefully we the people in the United States will vote him out of office in November. If he is elected for a second term our country and its people is doomed. Take up for yourself Jamaica!!!!!

  2. It's getting pretty bad when this administration starts pandering to the LGBT perversion society. I wouldn't be so upset about this if they'd just keep it to themselves, but they want the 2.8% of the population to be accepted as normal, and they are not. There is something wrong with their wiring, and instead of trying to find a cure or a way to learn to live with it, they want to convert the entire world to their perverted way of thinking. In the end, it will be God who judges them, and they won't like the judgment. I refuse to believe this is for the good of the can't be. Can you imagine how many hetero children will be confused? I guess college age kids should think about getting psychiatric training because a lot of them will be needed. To the LGBT...I love you as human beings, but I don't want you to flaunt your perversions in my cannot change my mind about that because of deeply held faith.

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