Monday, June 4, 2012

Ugly American Barack Obama Pushing Radical Gay Agenda Down The Throats Of Our Allies

(ACNStaff) When we joined friends in Latvia in signing a letter to Judith Garber, the U.S. Ambassador to Latvia, condemning her public statements in support of so-called "same-sex marriage," and her decision to participate, in her capacity as a US government official, in the Baltic Gay Pride Parade on June 2, we didn't expect such an in-your-face response.

The letter from Garber (below) should speak for itself, but she makes it more than clear that advancing the Obama administration's imperialistic promotion of the radical homosexual agenda around the world must move forward, even if doing so insults our allies and damages our foreign policy.

Her response is a tremendous slap in the face to the people of Latvia. An overwhelming majority of the Latvian people vigorously oppose the radical homosexual agenda and so-called "same-sex marriage," and Latvia, unlike the United States, has actually amended its constitution to prohibit so-called "same-sex marriage."

Liberals often admonish patriotic Americans and ask us to consider why other nations often don't trust the United States. Garber's insulting letter provides the answer. Perhaps other nations would like us and trust us more if our public officials weren't trying to shove policies down their throats that the American people oppose and they find abhorrent?


  1. You can click on the photo of the letter to enlarge it!

    1. Most engaged in this debate do not realize that no rights are being withheld from gays and homosexuals. If a gay man chooses to marry a woman, he has exactly the same rights as a non-homosexual man. If a lesbian chooses to marry a man, she has exactly the same rights as any other woman. The fact is that the definition of marriage is being changed. Marriage is always between one man and one woman.

  2. Unfortunately, you ignore the fact that ten countries in the world have adopted gay (same-sex) marriage: Netherlands 2001, Belgium 2003, Spain 2005, Canada 2005, South Africa 2006, Norway 2009, Sweden 2009, Portugal 2010, Iceland 2010, and Argentina 2010. President Obama has been President while five of those confirmed that gay rights are civil rights. Have those ten countries collapsed after joining the increasing trend toward marriage equality? Have the countries that allow gay service members to serve openly (as the US does now) been overrun by terrible hordes from the East? Are the marriages of opposite-sex couples in those countries become worthless, as predicted by right-wing fundamentalists? If you try to make a point about Latvia, at least bring in the entire story. Maybe Latvia will be number eleven to adopt marriage equality. If you want to hide from marriage equality, move to The Vatican, where old men in bright colored dresses and pointy hats who are totally removed from present day thoughts rule that country.

    1. Give them time. Degenerative collapse is completed in a slow relentless downhill slide that ends with a whimper.

    2. AMEN TO THAT! I'm with you COMPLETELY!

    3. Marriage is a legal and traditional term used for a union between one man and one woman in most countries of the world. Homosexuality and heterosexuality are not the same. calling opposite things with the same name creates confusion and also shows intellectual dishonesty. Call the so called "gay-marriage" with a different name. Study shows that homosexuality is destroying the homosexuals themselves. Their enablers are their enemies. Those who want to help the LGBT community should tell them the truth in order to save them from premature death; highest stress; disease; highest instability and highest suicidal rate when compared to heterosexuals. (more than 1000 partners in ones life time) etc.

    4. All Obama did by saying he is in agreement with gay marriage is throw out any chance to get re-elected. The majority of Americans do not want gay marriage legalized. You liberal idiots are debasing society and should go away.

    5. Well, unfortunately you ignore the fact that the purpose of MARRIAGE is to produce offspring. I have yet to see a homosexual man mate with another homosexual man and produce any offspring. Likewise I have yet to see a lesbian woman mate with another lesbian woman and produce an offspring.
      On another note: the definition of GAY is happy or joyous, not homosexual!

  3. Can anyone say they are surprized? Dictorial power is addictive !

  4. As long as people are discriminated against
    for being a particular race, color or religion,
    the rest of humankind is diminished in their
    spirit. To persecute or to withdraw civil
    rights from ANY minority based on personal
    choices, leaves the door wide open for the
    type of persecution seen in the World War Two.
    Sexual orientation should not be a reason
    for denying people the rights given to
    other people who are heteosexual.
    This is what is called FREEDOM.
    The American nation takes a high moral
    stand on civil rights and lectures
    those countries that deny it's
    citizens these rights.
    Therefore they should be in the FOREFRONT
    OF CHANGE with regard to Gay Marriage.
    Whatever your PERSONAL view, at least
    be man or women enough to grant liberty
    to those with whom you disagree.

    1. Homsexuals can be together whenever they like and are denied nothing. They have the right to have their relationships with each other.

      What they really want is to redefine marriage to mean a relationship between any twosome, not just one man and one woman. It's the homosexuals' way of forcing acceptance of their chosen behavior on everyone else.

      And then the communists, socialists, and other manipulators seeking a change in the world order and destruction of the traditional family are using gays as "useful idiots" by supporting the gay agenda in exchange for votes. It's likely that leftists are generally just as repulsed by homosexuality as conservatives are, but they'll never admit it because they want the gay vote.

    2. "To persecute or to withdraw civil
      rights from ANY minority based on personal choices, leaves the door wide open for the type of persecution seen in the World War Two."

      Could you please elaborate. Which "personal choices" on the part of the entire Jewish population of Europe accounted for the Holocaust?

      Just rying to flesh out your reasoning here?

  5. A new study shows that 2.8% of the American population is gay/lesbian and yet when surveyed the populace thinks the number is 25%, in ten years if things go as they are 50% will think this. This is a testament to the radical gay agenda in getting their crap out and supported by politicians who also believe the 25% number. However things are changing and the mental 25% number of the poulace will go down as we as a country are turning center right and esposing reason over emotion. The truth will set you free and so will we.

  6. dis-agree with Obama and you are a racist, f this.

  7. Disagree with the word of God and you are going to Hell.
    You make the choice. You won't be able to "f this" as you say, (with a man OR a woman) if you are in Hell.
    Think about it. Eternity is a long time.

  8. I don't trust themJune 5, 2012 at 3:57 AM

    Can't anybody understand that the globalist SOB's are simply using the "gay rights" and human rights to destroy the normal traditional family which constitutes the foundation of a normal healthy and moral society. Without destroying it, they cannot achieve their goals: destroying national pride and patriotism, national economy, national borders, etc. They want us all to concentrate on our personal and purely individualists desires. If "I want" or "I don't want" becomes the legalized foudation of public morality than the society of morality-oriented people is doomed.

  9. Has everyone conveniently forgotten that AIDS/HIV DOES NOT have a cure? The drugs on the market only prolong the life of those infected, so they can infect others! Every society that has embraced homosexuality has fallen! This happens because of the rise in venereal disease and the overall reluctance to fight off enemies because not enough "men" are morally fit enough to take appropriate action. The same-sex couples are not able to produce off-spring and MUST rely on perverting others to their life-style. Once enough have "chosen" to live that way, the birthrate starts to fall off, until other populations can move in and displace the morally deviant trash responsible.

    All who are infected wiht AIDS/HIV need to be segregated from society in the same way people who were once infected with tuberculosis were committed to sanitariums. This IS NOT based on "hate" but a tried and true way to ensure infection is controlled and perverts can be convinced to change their life-style. Homo-sexuals are nothing more than perverts secure in their deviant behavior. They incorrectly "feel" it is natural to be attracted to someone of the same sex and are immorally comforted by other sexual deviants and made to feel somehow "normal" in seeking such abhorent and unnatural couplings. All who seek to pleasure themselves in unnatural and perverted ways only kid themselves that they are "normal". In reality, they are sick f*cks who suffer from a mental disorder. The poison they spread has consumed every great society that has ever come along.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't "hate" them, it is that they suffer from an unhealthy and unnatural attraction that goes against nature and, on top of that, these people are mentally unstable.

  10. As a person of Latvian descent I would love to see this US Ambassador to Latvia kicked out of the country of Latvia given that she is not respectful of the country in which she serves. If this were taking place in a Muslim country she'd be out so fast her head would spin.

  11. I read the letter from The American Embassador to Latvia. I think Congress SHOULD have immmediately tried to recall her. But not enough of our politicians have the guts to stand up for whats right and MORAL. Too much money and power involved. I wonder what a "Christian Country" would do in this case. I have worked with two Homosexual men in my job as a Maintenance Man. Both individuals were pleasant to work with, I respected them as fellow workers, but they knew I was a Christian and did not approve of their life style. They did not push their life style on their fellow workers. I Dissaprove of the in your face style of getting YOUR way when your obviously wrong. as most of the above comments emphasise Marriage is between a MAN and a WOMAN. Any other union is NOT a Marriage it a feel good farce.

  12. So called homosexual "marriage" is completely illogical and absurd it should not even be discussed but since we live in a homo obsessive society where the powers that be have forced and are forcing this abomination on us we must point out how absurd and insane it actually is. Homosexuals point out to marriage "equality" as a basis for their lawsuits saying that two people who love each other should have the same "rights" as normal heterosexual couples. Why limit marriage to two "people" as homosexual activists want? If there is so called discrimination then if three or five hundred or five million people want to marry then why should they be discriminated against? If the criterion for marriage is “love” then why should people who love more than one person be discriminated against? After all, if you love more than one person you are giving so much more love and why should you be discriminated against for offering so much love? The concept of “homosexual marriage is blatantly absurd, illogical , nonsensical and unnatural. Once marriage is destroyed to include homosexual “marriage” then if any other conceivable form of marriage is denied the same absurd argument of discrimination can and should be used. Marriage is the union of a man and a woman period. Nature has dictated that. Whether they want to admit it or not homosexuals can’t reproduce and the major reason for marriage is to reproduce children within a legal union. Sure, some normal couples can’t reproduce because of infirmity or unwillingness to have children but the fact remains that if they didn’t have an infirmity or wanted to have children they could. HOMOSEXUALS CAN’T. You can’t distort nature which is what homosexuals do. That homosexuals have the gall to say that they have children, as though they could naturally have them, is the height of arrogance. They can’t even say they have adopted children but want it to appear as though homosexuals having children is “normal. And yes the man and dog argument does apply because if you love your dog you should marry your dog, or your aunt, your brother, a mummy, or as previously mentioned any amount of people, whatever you want if not you are being discriminated against. Utah, as a condition of statehood had to outlaw polygamy. Well, why should polygamy be outlawed if homosexuals can "marry"? Polygamists will be "discriminated" against. If anybody thinks this through, which most people do not, and just repeat the specious, idiotic mantra: “well if two people love each other they should be allowed to marry” then they will obviously realize homosexual “marriage” doesn’t make an iota of sense. That the courts even listen to arguments for homosexual “marriage,” much less rule in favor of it, shows the rampant homomania in our society where the bullying of the homosexual lobby has infiltrated the power structure. I want a lot of things and can’t have them. I don’t go whining and saying I have to have them. and if I did a judge would throw me out of court ridiculing me, The same rule should apply to homosexuals. They can live their life as they please without anybody bothering them, just don't force us to accept what is unnatural and abnormal as natural and normal because it isn't. If they are honest with themselves they will accept that and so should society. A homomaniacal society s not normal. Enough is enough.

  13. Lol America is gay. it will soon turn into Sodom

  14. Many people do not care to know what someone's sexual preference is. That information is personal and should not be divulged especially in this day and age and especially in the work place. The reason being that when one is evaluated on their performance their ratings will be based on their sexual preference and not their accomplishments The radical gays want everybody to know which inventors were gay. To many it does not matter since something to better life was invented by someone. Revealing the inventors sexuality will not make them any greater. It also will not make being gay any better. Many famous painters,artists and actors are gay and have been known for their accommplishments years before their sexuality was revealed. Insiders and some outsiders knew, but the vast majority did not. The radicalism is going to backfire on them in the future. The Is lam ists hang anyone who is gay. Of course in the mid east they live a double standard. Women are for breeding and boys are for pleasure.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche