Saturday, September 5, 2015

Revealed: The Real Reason The GOP Elites Won't Fight Barack Obama

A Washington insider has just released a report that explains the inner workings of the House and Senate leadership, and the information goes a long way in explaining the perceived weakness of the GOP and the rise of Donald Trump...

(WND) Why won’t Republican leadership in Congress fight President Obama? It’s the question that frustrates 75 percent of GOP voters and an issue that has likely helped Donald Trump skyrocket in the polls.

Now, WND has obtained a revealing look into the thought process of the congressional Republican elite during a candid email exchange with a Senate leadership aide.

It showed why GOP leadership is apparently so reluctant to effectively confront Obama on such key issues as defunding executive amnesty, ObamaCare and Planned Parenthood.

The dialogue also revealed why Republican leadership employs a strategy of confronting the president with words, but has expressed a reluctance to take risks and to use perhaps the only potent tool in lawmakers’ arsenal: the power of the purse...

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