Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Obama's Campaign Of Darkness To Sink Hillary

When it comes to "Machiavellian, dark politics," Bill and Hillary Clinton may have met their match in Barack Obama...

(WND) So says Monica Crowley, Fox News analyst and online opinion editor at the Washington Times, speaking during a radio interview Sunday.

Crowley penned two recent opinion pieces at the Washington Times alleging Obama is the driving force behind the FBI's ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server as a way to sabotage her campaign and replace the 2016 Democratic front runner with a different candidate.

"The Clintons have always been the best at Machiavellian, dark politics," Crowley told Klein. "We’ve known that for 20 years. However, in Barack Obama they have met their match. And not only met their match. But I think he has surpassed them...

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