Monday, September 7, 2015

Breaking: Judge Who Jailed Kentucky Clerk Ordered Children To Watch Homosexual Indoctrination Films

It's all starting to come out, it would seem that Judge David Bunning, who is wrongfully imprisoning Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, has a sullied history of issuing rulings in favor of the radical gay mafia...

(CFP) The federal judge who held Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis in contempt and ordered her to jail for refusing to sign marriage licenses has on two occasions denied Christian students in Kentucky public schools their First Amendment rights by ordering them to undergo re-education training promoting the homosexual lifestyle against their religious objections.

In 2003, Federal District Judge David Bunning ordered Boyd County education officials to implement training, which mandated school staff and students undergo diversity education principally "devoted to issues of sexual orientation and gender harassment."

A number of students objected to being forced to watch a gaystapo propaganda video denouncing Christian views that opposed homosexuality as wrongheaded and proclaiming homosexuality as a safe, healthy, and fixed lifestyle that cannot be changed...

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