Sunday, August 16, 2015

ISIS Has Weapons Of Mass Destruction From Iraq We Allegedly Never Found?

This former Bush official says that Barack Obama is deliberately working against the interests of the United States but the real shocker was buried deep in the article. Remember those weapons of mass destruction we supposedly never found in Iraq?...

(WND) Late in the week, reports suggest ISIS used chemical weapons, mustard gas in particular, against Kurds in northern Iraq. [Jed] Babbin believes the weapons could have been obtained in several different ways.

"It could be from old Iraqis stores that we found, and I have information that says we did find them long [ago], about 2005," he said. "Could have been from (Syrian President) Bashar Assad. Could have been a lot of places. I don’t think they have the sophistication to make them themselves."

But Babbin said this new dimension of the ISIS threat probably won’t change a thing for Obama. "It doesn’t really change anything. We're not going to do the right thing."...

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