Sunday, August 16, 2015

Court Dismisses Arpaio's Suit Against The Government

But one of the judges is blasting the court over the decision. Read the rest of the story to find out why...

(WND) An appeals court has affirmed the dismissal of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s lawsuit against the Obama administration over his amnesty-by-executive-order plan because the District of Columbia Court of Appeals determined he didn’t have “standing” to bring a complaint.

That is, he couldn’t identify a specific and personal injury that he would suffer because of the amnesty. But one judge said it’s time for changes.

"Today we hold that the elected sheriff of the nation's fourth largest county, located mere miles from our border with Mexico, cannot challenge the federal government's deliberate non-enforcement of the immigration laws,” wrote Judge Janice Rogers Brown.

She said while precedent requires the appeals court to uphold the dismissal of the case, "I write separately to … note the consequences of our modern obsession with a myopic and constrained notion of standing."...

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