Friday, July 24, 2015

Republican Failures Caused Donald Trump's Rise

And they don't even realize what is going on. The problem is NOT that Donald Trump is going to hurt the GOP Brand, the problem is that the GOP Leadership has already destroyed the brand and Trump is simply taking advantage of the situation. If you need any further proof that Republican leadership in Washington created the conditions through which Donald Trump has risen, the Pew Poll has more...

(Erick Erickson) In short, the GOP has not fought. They have not been aggressive. They have been so scared of being disliked that they have become disliked. That is the reality.

So here comes a guy who does not care, who says what he thinks at the moment, and who fights. He takes on not only Barack Obama, but Republican leaders.

And now roughly one-quarter of the Republican base supports the guy. The reaction of those who like the GOP in DC? They attack the quarter of the party that likes the guy because of his willingness to fight.

Insiders within the GOP say Trump has peaked. Here’s the problem — these are insiders who have played the game and lost a quarter of the party’s support. These are insiders who have not held the DC Republicans accountable. They are traditional political operatives getting their butts kicked by a nontraditional candidate running a nontraditional campaign...

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