Monday, June 8, 2015

Bruce Jenner Not Happy As A Woman... Wants To Become A Dog

Say what? ... Bruce Jenner (we refuse to call him Caitlyn) wants to undergo yet another transformation? ...

(Inquistr) On Thursday, June 4, Caitlyn reportedly shared details about the next impending phase of her life with the satirical site She explained why she’s still unhappy and wants to undergo another transformation.

"At first, I felt happy being a woman, but then it’s like I still felt that empty feeling inside, like as if I only wanted to become a woman to get over my fears of being judged, but now since that’s out of the way, I realized I actually wasn’t meant to be a woman either, I was actually meant to be a dog."

According to the hoax, Caitlyn Jenner will begin the surgical process to make yet another transition next week. She’ll reportedly have surgery on her nose and ears, along with a series of other procedures to alter her voicebox and bone structure so she can actually walk and function like a dog. The transformation will costly approximately $87,000.

Although it’s been a relatively shocking with the emergence of Caitlyn Jenner, this unbelievable story takes things to a whole new level simply because it is indeed unbelievable. Many of the stories published by Huzlers are only hoaxes for entertainment purposes, but surprisingly, many Twitter users have actually believed it to be true. The satirical story has been retweeted several times...

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