Friday, April 17, 2015

School Board Member Censured For Speaking Out Against Child Indoctrination

It's being called a "violation of ethics." ...

(Daily Caller) A school board in Tennessee brought up a resolution Thursday to censure an outspoken member who has criticized local officials involved in an alleged attempt to indoctrinate children.

“Robert ‘Bobby' Hullett provided the resolution to censure,” Susan Curlee told The Daily Caller News Foundation. "It is unclear who is supporting it and who is opposing the resolution."

Curlee, a school board official out of the town of Williamson, has been trying to bring attention to what she sees as a potential and growing problem in her community and many others across the country. She alleges that union groups have a stranglehold on teachers and administrators, and that curriculum has become more progressive as a result.

"They developed a strategic partnership to come in and enforce some of these progressive agendas specific to education," Curlee detailed in a March 24 DCNF article ...

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