Sunday, March 25, 2012

Caught On Video: Obama Drunk?

(ACN) The mainstream media was merciless when it came to adding gasoline to the fire of false rumors that former-President George W. Bush occasionally jumped off the wagon; and admittedly, allegations that the leader of the free world may have a drinking problem should not be taken lightly... unless, of course, you're Barack Hussein Obama.

Before going any further, it should be noted that the video below appears to be a parody. It was posted on YouTube some time ago and has over 300,000 views.  That being said, allegations of alcohol and drug abuse are nothing new when it comes to the Obama White House. 

Years ago, Larry Sinclair alleged that he and then-Senator Obama engaged in sexual acts and took drugs in a limo.

Fast forward to March of 2010. After the results of Mr. Obama's physical exam were published, the media fixated on the fact that physicians admonished Mr. Obama to quit smoking once and for all, but buried, not so deep, within the report from physicians, was a warning that Mr. Obama exercise "moderation of alcohol intake."

The mainstream media yawned.  As far as members of the establishment press were concerned, the snippet apparently was not worth follow-up or further investigation.  Rather strange when one considers that the supermarket tabloids have been issuing multiple reports of drinking problems on the part of both Barack and Michelle Obama for years.

In June of 2009, the National Enquirer reported that Michelle Obama was "cracking under the pressure of being First Lady" and that friends openly worried that she was "drinking way more than she should."

The Enquirer went on to report: "When Barack saw Michelle drink more than she should at a recent dinner, he hit the roof. He told  her, 'This is NOT going to turn into a problem!' ... Barack is overly sensitive to the issue because of his own past drinking and substance abuse problems." 

And according to the Enquirer, an unnamed restaurant employee said: "It was clear that Mrs. Obama was having a very good time."

Michelle Obama has more recently come under fire for taking extravagant vacations on the taxpayer's dime and after one of these lavish trips in August of 2011, the Guardian UK reported: "Michelle also enjoys drinking expensive booze during her trips. She favours martinis with top-shelf vodka and has a taste for rich sparking wines."

But the allegations were not confined to Mrs. Obama.  The Globe reported in August that Michelle Obama used the First Family's vacation on Martha's Vineyard "to rehab the President off booze."  The Globe added: "Michelle hopes to save him from a drunken disaster."

It's already been reported that Michelle Obama is having a secret affair with a member of the secret service and that she went into a frenzy over the growing birth certificate controversy

Rumors?  Perhaps, but the question remains: Will the mainstream media investigate these allegations and if the media actually starts to vet the Obama's, will they crack under the increasing scrutiny and pressure?


  1. The article omits the well-known fact that his father was a total alcoholic who died in an accident while driving drunk. They say it runs in families, so...just another piece of data.

    1. I wonder if the secret service agent she had the affair with was the one who was in the scandal with the teenage prostitutes in Columbia, he was found dead a month or so ago....he was the Obamas personal agent.

  2. Where has this video been for the last two years? Obama is falling down drunk...and most of the people in the audience are incredibly pathetic for both Obama and them!

    1. Per the second paragraph: "Before going any further, it should be noted that the video below appears to be a parody. It was posted on YouTube some time ago and has over 300,000 views. That being said, allegations of alcohol and drug abuse are nothing new when it comes to the Obama White House."

    2. This falling down drunk HAS HIS FINGER ON THE NUCLEAR FOOTBALL???

      We're all gonna' die and he will have no recollection the next morning.

    3. Agreed... it's time to crack open a brewskie.

  3. While the rude comments are obviously dubbed in, the rest appears to be just a video of a tipsy Obama. Is this entirely concocted, or has he actually appeared before a crowd drunk and with a drink in his hand, as depicted here? I wouldn't deny my President a drink now and then, or even an evening at home to get drunk once in a while - but it's unforgivable for a President to appear in public in that condition, trying to sound authoritative. Make him look like a real low-life.

    1. he is a lowlife!

    2. Tipsy Obama...great name for their next daughter...!

  4. This is directly under the video on the YouTube page. The words Humor, Spoof, and Satire are in the description:


    f bomb

    I do not like Obama, but I don't believe that this is a legitimate video.

    1. Also, if you look under "category", it is classified as comedy.

    2. However, it is very funny. I just hope all of that stuff about the First Lady (hopefully the previous Lady) is not guilty of all that trash she is being accused of. I would not be surprised if she is under tremendous pressure.

    3. She is under tremendous pressure for sure, being the Socilist that she is!! She HATES AMERICA and like her hubby, ole barry, their Destruction of AMERICA is taking tooooo long!!

  5. Isn't it sad to have such a "scumbag" as our President....!! Nothing but Lie....Cheat and Steal...but they can't help's in their DNA..!!!

  6. How come this doesn't surprise me because his father was a drunk so that sort of thing passes right on down the road.

    I know first hand about that sort of thing because I lived with a drunk but his father was a drunk as well but now Obama needs to get help or it will get worse before it gets better and sadly that is a fact.

  7. for sure the news media and others will say this vedio is not real .howver a picture is worth a million words...

  8. hes not drunk ....hes high , if you look real good a the 59 second mark you can see a crack pipe in is coat pocket

  9. Seriously? You people can't tell that the audio is edited? It's like a bad Japanese kung-fu film:his mouth doesn't even match the dialogue. He may very well BE drunk, but he's NOT saying what the film says he is saying. Come ON people! Obama as president is enough of a nightmare without making stuff up.

    1. His mouth is not in synch with the sound in some of the shots because there is a sound delay. He is definitely saying the words that are spoken.

  10. Thanks, ACN, for posting some of my videos here. I'm honored.

    And thanks, CherDash, for taking the time to read the info that is in plain view for those with eyes to see.

    And to those who think this may be real, here's what I wrote in my youtube Channel Description:

    About ObamaSnippetsDotCom
    This is not "political."
    This is just for fun.
    This is not an "Anti-Obama" site.
    This is not a "Pro-Obama" site.
    This is an "Obama Humor" site.

    Please feel free to check out my other spoof videos, like:
    "Obama QUITTING in 2012!"
    "Obama on ACID!"
    "Obama Legalizes POT - Appoints SNOOP DOGG!"

    Thanks again, ACN!

  11. So, you don't mind him being drunk when
    the 3:00AM call comes with the message
    that there is an inbound intercontinental
    ballistic missle !!!

  12. How disgusting this man is. God please protect our great nation.

  13. God protect us from morons like you!

  14. He ain't druunk. I seen him move!

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  19. Proud of my PresidentJanuary 29, 2014 at 2:03 PM

    I can't believe all the people who think this is real ! It's been dubbed. People who hate the President will believe anything bad that is said. Like President Regan would say ",There you go again". Another example of how far the right will go to show there stupidty. If this was true it would have been on every newscast and every paper. Come on now people think for yourself and don't let your hatred for this man cloud your intelligence .

    1. How can you possibly be proud of a hateful, treasonous, Anti-American, so-called president such a this. Bein a little tipsy is nothing compared to his plans to do away with the Constitution and turn the U. S. into the next totalitarian state. You can't be so blind! For God's sake(if you believe in God) open your eyes!

  20. I loathe Obama, but this video is a spoof. Watch the actual video of his speech in South Carolina on April 2, 2010:

    Falling for this spoof makes conservatives look gullible and stupid.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche