Friday, April 10, 2015

Here It Is: This Year's Wasteful Government Top Ten List

Our favorite is actually Number 8. Did you know that 6.5 million Social Security recipients are over 112 years old? In other words, they're obviously dead ...

(Daily Caller) Sen. Tom Coburn had a legacy of exposing the worst of the federal government’s waste. Now there may be a new man to carry the torch.

Freshman Republican Rep. Steve Russell laid out 10 of the worst instances of government waste Tuesday in his first “Waste Watch” publication, the Washington Examiner reports. The waste totaled more than $117 million and ranged across several government agencies. Coburn’s wastebook became famous for exposing government waste, but he retired at the end of the last session.

Here are Russell’s top 10 examples of terrible government waste.

1. U.S. Builds Melting Walls: The U.S. military spent $456,669 on a training facility in Afghanistan that melted when it rained. The military had the "dry fire range" built to use as a training spot with Afghan special police, but since the structure was built with bricks made mostly of sand, it only took four months for the walls to disintegrate in the rain ...

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