Saturday, March 7, 2015

Rush Limbaugh: Of Course Hillary Clinton Broke The Law

"Holy cow. Just wow. Man, what have we been missing for the last six-plus years, what could have been?"

(WND) That was Rush Limbaugh’s reaction to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s historic speech.

It was, said Limbaugh, "a speech that any previous American president could have and maybe would have made, a speech to rally and save Western civilization." Unfortunately, he added, Obama had never delivered such an address and was unlikely to do so.

"This e-mail scandal with Hillary, you know, everybody’s looking at the wrong thing again," Limbaugh said on the other pressing topic in the news.

"It’s not about breaking the law. Of course she broke the law, but when have they not? They don’t care. Obama breaks the law every day with every executive order that he does. The point of this is, Mrs. Clinton was trying to hide from the official federal record."

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  1. She committed TREASON. JAIL at the very least !!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche