Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Israel Close To Military Strike Against Iran?

Former UN Amb. John Bolton opines...

(WND) The threat of military action is the major chip Israel has while Iran and the U.S. negotiate a possible deal over the Iranian nuclear program. Bolton said that fact alone makes the mullahs in Iran very uneasy.

"Iran has to worry that a newly re-elected Netanyahu, with a solid win in this election, is on a much firmer base if he decides to use force against the Iranian nuclear weapons program, as Israel has twice before done in its history against nuclear weapons programs in the hands of hostile states," Bolton said.

"The most significant outcome is that we're closer to a decision one way or the other, whether Israel’s going to use force," he said.

Bolton and others warned that a Netanyahu defeat and an emboldened Iran could trigger a nuclear arms race among Arab states terrified of a nuclear Iran. He said that threat is still possible because of the weakness of the Obama administration in confronting Iran.

"The weakness Obama has shown over these past several years in his desperate efforts to get a deal with Iran, finally convinced the likes of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey that the United States was simply not going to do anything effective to stop Iran," Bolton said.

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