Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Boehner's To Air TV Ads: I'll Balance The Budget After I'm Dead

Excuse us... just to be fair... the GOP plan actually promises to kick the can down the road and balance the federal budget 10 years from now... long after Mr. Boehner is retired and/or deceased... and Boehner is taking to the airwaves to sell his snake-oil on an unsuspecting public...

(Washington Examiner) The political nonprofit linked to House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, is back on the air, this time with television ads urging Congress to support the fiscal 2016 budget unveiled this week by the Budget Committee.

American Action Network on Wednesday announced a $500,000, 10-day television ad campaign to run nationally on Fox News Channel to bolster support for the $3.8 trillion spending plan unveiled by House Budget Chairman Tom Price, R-Ga. The group is investing an additional $50,000 in digital advertising.

The overall buy is modest, and American Action Network can't directly coordinate with Boehner. But where the group had previously focused its efforts on helping elect Republicans to the House in general elections, this ad is another sign that the speaker's allies don't want to cede the competition for outside influence over Congress to well funded Tea Party organizations.

However, this new television buy isn't critical of Tea Party-affiliated Republicans. Rather, it compares the House GOP budget proposal to President Obama's budget, saying the administration's plan is unacceptable.

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