Monday, February 23, 2015

What? ... 28% Of Unmarried Men Are Unemployed In The Obama Economy

Here's a stat that doesn't fit the Obama Regime's narrative. During the Great Depression unemployment was 25%. Now, when you add those who have given up on finding work to the ones unemployed, over 28% of unmarried men are not working.

(Washington Times) Given the media buzz about declining men’s labor force participation, it is common knowledge that the employment situation for men today is less than ideal.

Conventional wisdom places the blame on the weak economy and the political spin is positive when unemployment figures seem to edge downward and the numbers appear to be slightly better, but men not working continues to be a real problem.

Most people understand that unemployment statistics only measure those men who are not working but are looking for a job; the numbers don’t include the discouraged workers who have given up hope, dropped out, and become all but invisible.

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