Monday, February 23, 2015

GOP Pundit Calls On GOP Senate To Go Nuclear On Obama's Amnesty Decree

This GOP pundit is typically very reserved, but he now claims that Democrat obstruction has radicalized him and he's calling on the Senate GOP to take a rule from Harry Reid's book when it comes to stopping Democrat obstruction...

(Daily Caller) The Republican Senate majority should kill the Senate’s traditional 60-vote filibuster, and gain a huge advantage over the rule-breaking, lawless Democratic Party, says syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer.

"I’ve been radicalized. By Harry Reid and Barack Obama. Goodbye moderation and sweet reason," he wrote in his weekly column.

"In the fourth quarter of his presidency, Obama unbound is abusing presidential authority at will to secure a legacy on everything from environmental regulation to immigration, the laws of which he would unilaterally suspend," Krauthammer wrote.

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  1. Yes ! Yes!! YES !!!

  2. Best solution to a bad situation. I wish the GOP would stop painting themselves into a corner like this. However, an FYI to Mr. Krauthammer, the 1995 government shutdown occurred when Clinton vetoed the Republicans' budget, twice, and the GOP got the blame. Read my essay, "Crazy is as Crazy Does," at


Posted By: Chris Carmouche