Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Terrorist Linked Group Praises Obama's DHS Report On 'Right-Wing Extremism'

Calling all "right-wing sovereign citizens," this group that is linked to Islamic Terrorism is praising Barack Obama's Department of Homeland Security for identifying just who – in their mind – are the 'real terrorists' who threaten the United States.

(CNSNews) Welcoming news that the Department of Homeland Security is circulating an intelligence assessment on the threat posed by "right-wing sovereign citizen extremist groups," the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) says it’s now time for security agencies to release a report on violence against American Muslims and others of Middle Eastern or South Asian heritage.

The DHS report – which has not been publicly released – was leaked to CNN at a time when some U.S. Islamic groups are questioning the administration's "countering violent extremism" (CVE) initiative. Some of those critics, who have called for a greater focus on non-Islam-related terror threats, declined to attend last week’s White House CVE summit as a result.

"We welcome this new intelligence assessment on the threat posed by domestic right-wing violent extremists," CAIR said in a statement, citing a CNN news story on the subject.

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  1. Anything to distract the sheeple from the true enemy, Obama and his Muslim brothers. Just check and see how many Muslims are white house appointees. If you are a patriotic American you are classed as as terrorist by this administration. The head of the FBI is Muslim. What more can I say??


Posted By: Chris Carmouche