Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Obama Attempts To Blackmail Governors Over His Amnesty Decree

The Lame-Stream Media is calling it a dire warning but Barack Obama's message to our nation's the States was clear: Give me my dictatorial Amnesty Decree or you'll be sorry...

(Washington Examiner) President Obama used a session with the nation’s governors Monday to warn of the negative economic repercussions if Congress doesn’t resolve a funding standoff for the Department of Homeland Security by the end of the week.

"Unless Congress acts, one week from now, more than 100,000 [Homeland Security] employees will show up to work without being paid," he told the group of governors gathered at the White House.

"These are folks who, if they don’t have a paycheck ... it will have a direct impact on your economy..."

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  1. And Obama claims that the Republicans are the ones who do not want to compromise. It seems that it ALL has to be his way or no way. He acts like a spoiled child who stomps its feet and throws a temper tantrum whenever things don't go their way. Besides not having any common sense, it seems that he doesn't have much maturity either or negotiation abilities.

    1. It doesn't just "seem like" it's his way or no way. That IS the way it is. You are being kind to say he acts like a "spoiled child". He IS a dictator and trying desperately to bankrupt this country.

  2. He negotiates fine with the terrorists. Here, let give you guys a few billion dollars & here's some fine weapons, now go get them Christians.

  3. And when the supposed "shutdown" of DHS is over the entire department will get paid, even those who did not have to show up for work. During the last shutdown many government workers got a paid vacation even though they didn't have to work and were not charge vacation time. Only those involved with Border patrol duties will have to report for work, not the "civilian work force," just like with the military, during shutdowns the uniformed members will report for work not the civil service people. So Obsma is full of shit up to his eyeballs -- I know quite a few border patrol agents, they will continue to do their sworn duties unless ordered not to do certain patrol duties by the president. Time for Americans to start paying attention and see who is blocking funding and enforcement of border control laws.

  4. That's extortion anyway you twist it. This president is a subversive intent on destroying this country. What about the 93 million AMERICANS out of work and the taxpaying AMERICANS who have to foot the ever increasing costs of the ILLEGAL INVADERS and the muslims that he's importing against our will. This is, after all, OUR country! When will this criminal be indicted? Aren't there any loyal AMERICANS in Congress who will stand up for the people they are supposed to represent?


Posted By: Chris Carmouche