Friday, February 13, 2015

Caught: Obama Openly Parties With Terrorists

His connections to radical terrorists were downplayed in the campaigns of 2008 and 2012 but Obama is now openly allowing his hatred for America to show by not even bothering to conceal his alliances...

(Gawker) On Aug. 30, 2014, MSNBC anchor Alex Wagner and former White House chef Sam Kass got married at a private wedding north of New York City. It was widely reported at the time that President Obama, a longtime friend of the groom, attended the ceremony with his family.

There were two other notable guests, however, whose attendance has been successfully kept secret: Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, the former campus radicals whose loose association with the Obama family over the years has inspired countless Fox News fever-dreams and led to Sarah Palin’s famous accusation that Obama “pal[s] around with terrorists.”

We recently heard that Ayers and Dohrn, both former leaders of the Weather Underground, the militant left-wing group best known for bombing empty government buildings in the 1970s, were also present for the Wagner-Kass celebration at the Blue Hill at Stone Barns, a restaurant and event space in Pocantico Hills, New York.

While the fact that Obama was literally partying with former advocates of violent struggle against the U.S. government will no doubt be taken by his critics as further evidence that he hates America...

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  1. This is no surprise to me and shouldn't be a surprise to anyone else.

  2. The forces of Marxism are so powerful that he can do anything he chooses and he will not be stopped or even slowed down. Our politicians are totally ignorant of Marxism. They are trapped by the same lying propaganda that Marxists pour on the academic community. I we root out Marxism from our government our schools and our civic institutions we are doomed to an oppressive state endless bloodshed and wars and the end of any hope for freedom, liberty and prosperity. We need to call on Congress en masse to exterminate the evils of Marxism. Join me in fighting Marxism and recovering America. Unless Marxism is removed from our government, our educational institutions and our civil functions we will soon be trapped in a spiral down to great suffering and blood shed from unnecessary wars. Wake up and see the grim reaper at your door. Marxism is the grim reaper coming for America. Join me in petitioning Congress to root out Marxism.

  3. Barak Obama does not have a plan to destroy the USA. No man can do that. Marxism is the most powerful and best funded political organization in the world. It is has the objective to rule the world according to its own design, which does not include freedom, a middle class, prosperity for everyone, opportunity for the motivated. Marxism is an enslavement of the many for the few. Join me in petitioning Congress to root out Marxism.

  4. Obama's ultimate objective is to transform our country to the Muslim Ideology which is similar in many ways to Marxism but has more of an ideology towards a belief system - Muslim/Islamic doctrine vs. Hitler who was an Atheist but was trying to find his roots in a religious belief; therefore, the two mesh well with one another and that's what he is striving for and supports Jihadists/their Islamic terrorist ideology and destruction of anyone/nation that will not be subservient to them and their control over our lives. Thus, the concept of a Constitution, Bill of Rights, Freedom, Free Speech, etc. will be no longer a viable part of our society and a dictatorship will result that controls everything we can say/do, etc. And, the homosexuals, etc. really need to go back into their closets as both of these groups will impale them or get rid of them in some other drastic fashion. Their goal is world domination and Obama is right there with them, supporting everything they say/do and he will be their first World Gov't leader...........Unless, we change our ways and come back to our God and take charge and destroy this Plan they have.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche