Tuesday, January 20, 2015

[Video] Watch Louie Gohmert Slam Obama For Refusing To Use The Words 'Islamic Terrorism'

"The truth is, as much as this president doesn't want to say it and he doesn't allow his spokespeople to say it, I will say it, Mr. Speaker... This is radical Islamic terrorism and it is a threat to Western civilization."


  1. I totally agree with the Gene man from Texas. Obama doesn't want to label them as terrorist because he is the leader of this terrorist group. The sooner this nation admits that to themselves, the sooner we will try to find a way to prosecute this imposter. I am still waiting to hear what hap opened in Benghazi.

  2. Our "glorious Leader" WILL NOT call these animals " radical Islamic
    terrorists because he just happens to be ONE OF THEM. All you have to do is listen to his "talking points" and you will KNOW whose "side" he is on. AND just look at who is there in OUR White House Appointed by Him and his Minions, Radical Islamists in OUR Government! WAKE UP AMERICA before it is too late!

  3. Obama has got to go before another week is over. He is the Devil in disguise ( at least he thinks he is in disguise, but we know better and so does our God). We need to get him out of the White House sooner than next week if possible. He has overridden American people's freedom of speech and religion far too long and may God push Obama out before the end of next week. He is abominable. We do not need to take any more of his crap, nor give him any more money, not even retirement money because he doesn't deserve it and he has stolen it from our Soc. Sec. and Medicare money which we put in because they stated that would be there for us when we retire. Well, so much for this White House moocher. He has stolen most of that money and gave America over $18.000,000 + dollars in debt with IOUs everywhere, and we all know it. How many of us would go bankrupt (being the illegitimate president and get by w/o being jailed if we had "screwed up" our budget like the fake president has? If any of you are ready to keep the imposter, then you can pay his salary thru next week and then into his retirement or jail time. But we, Americans should not have to. He needs to be punished right away and I mean impeached and thrown in jail for a long time! He will have a lot of talking to do when God judges Obama and God already knows what he has done and Obama tries to talk his way out of those impeachable things far too long. Then God will tell him, "depart from me, I never knew you" and you know the rest of the story!!!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche