Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Breaking: Gowdy Under Presure To Scuttle Benghazi Investigation

According to an independent group that is keeping tabs on Trey Gowdy's Benghazi Select Committee investigation, Gowdy is under pressure to scuttle the investigation because getting the the truth might reveal "treasonous" acts on the part of both Democrats and Republicans.

(WND) Maj. Gen (Ret) Paul Vallely told WND that he believes Gowdy "has received much pressure not to get to the truth, and we are now coming to the conclusion that there is no longer any intention in Washington, by the leadership of both the Democratic and Republican Parties, to get to the truth."

"An honest investigation into Benghazi would prove treasonous acts at the very top of the White House and the State Department, and a continuing cover-up in Congress that now involves the Republican leadership and especially House Speaker John Boehner," Vallely said.

Among the CCB’s most significant findings, released last April in an interim report, was that "the U.S. facilitated the delivery of weapons and military support to Al Qaeda-linked rebels in Libya" and that “on the day of the attacks in Benghazi, whether or not there was an official order to stand down, the result was the same.

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  1. No matter what or who is involved in these treasonous acts, it should be thoroughly investigated and the participants in this treasonous act should be brought to justice!!!

    No one is above the law and it is time that they realize this as a fact.

  2. Let the truth prevail and all that are culpable be held liable and indicted regardless of who and what they are.

  3. Go Trey, don't stop. Maybe we can get rid of bone-head & obummer both.

  4. The fiasco that is the Benghazi "investigation" has been aruond the block so many times we are all getting dizzy.

    The republican controlled house intelligence committee reported that there is "No there there" as far as Benghazi is concerned.

    This is nothing but a political witch hunt and attempted character assassination.

  5. It was made clear the night this was happening that the White House had ordered no support be given to the Ambassador who was being attacked. We can only guess at the reason, and many guesses have emerged. But I don't know of any efforts by John Boehner to stop the investigation. Or by ANY Republican. I see the claims made here. I see no evidence backing those claims against Republicans. It was clearly the White House, with Hillary in the background, who let the Ambassador be murdered when he could easily have been protected.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche