Thursday, October 9, 2014

[Video] Latest Government Jobs Report Numbers Are A Fraud

The government tells us that the latest jobs report shows that 248,000 new jobs were created, but what the government isn't telling you is the number of people who have exited the workforce and are now on the public dole.

(Personal Liberty) First, the reason unemployment dropped to the fantasy level of 5.9 percent is that 315,000 more Americans dropped out of the labor force last month.

Where did they go? Most of them dropped off unemployment to get on welfare, food stamps or disability. Job categories used to be listed as policeman, fireman, scientist, butcher and baker.

Now we should add "government dole." Millions of people get up late, watch Judge Judy and Dr. Phil and get off the couch for the first time all day to open the mail to find their government check. This is the Obama economy. Obama uses the fact that millions of Americans are not working as a reason to lower the unemployment rate.

Where will America get the money to pay for all these welfare, food stamp, disability and Social Security checks for citizens who will never work again? We’re already broke. This just adds to the crushing unsustainable $18 trillion debt.

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  1. EVERYTHING this government does is a fraud. Impeachment is way past due here.

  2. Government jobs do not improve the economy, because the salaries of these jobs are paid for by the legal American taxpayers. Jobs provided by the private sector/companies improve the economy.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche