Thursday, October 9, 2014

Did Jesse Jackson Just Blame Ebola On 'White Racism'?

But Jackson isn't singling out racism as the only culprit. According to Jackson, those who opposed ObamaCare are to blame as well...

(Courthouse News Service) Appearing at the request of Duncan's family, [Jesse] Jackson blasted hospital officials for "sending Ebola back into the community."

"Poor, African, without insurance, given a cursory examination. The signs of Ebola were evident," Jackson said at a press conference. "From West Africa - it's most rapid right now in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea - and without health insurance. He was sent back into the community. It did not give him the thorough exam he deserved."

Jackson implied that Texas' response to Duncan would have better if state leaders had not opposed ObamaCare.

"Maybe the fact that Southern states from Virginia around to Texas rejected Affordable Care, rejected $100 billion and Medicaid, there would no doubt be a better infrastructure for poor people all across Texas and the South," Jackson said.

"It's strange to me the South would accept money for airports and highways and seaports but not for medicine for the poor."

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  1. Jesse Jackson is full of it. The affordable health care act is the downfall of our nation. Get off of your soap box and look at the real problems they start with your ole buddy Barack Obama and his nonchalant attitude toward everything that is destroying this Country and Obama is behind most of the problems.

  2. A great man of the cloth. Just ask his mistresses.

  3. Good old Jesse string up trouble as always and as soon as his "charity" rainbow push get paid he will slither back under his rock. What a totally worthless POS.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche