Tuesday, October 28, 2014

[Video] Film Clips Exposing The Radical Obama Socialist Agenda

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert plays a number of clips from his latest feature film documentary, There's No Place Like Utopia. Gilbert notes that Obama's entire personal and political history is a lie.


  1. Socialism is the economic arm of communism and is the doorway by which communism takes over governments. It's the diabolical end result of a leftard voter bloc of morons who voted for an anti-American muslim - 9 years after being attacked and killed by 19 of them! America is a republic - only if we can keep it, but we've been ceding our sovereignty for 6 years now and the when the SHTF, it will be over. Our last hope is this mid-term election, which already contains massive voter fraud in many states. Voter fraud already turned red Colorado blue. Wait for it.

  2. We need to go back to paper voting with equal representatives on both sides counting the votes No mail in unless you are military. As long as the illegals can vote the republican party may never win again. The last few elections have had so much illegal voting, dead people voting , multiple voting, then the count that went to Spain to be counted on machines that were made by a George Soros company and owned by our secretary of State Hagel!!!!! The votes need to be counted by hand with a equal amount of each party present to count. checked and double checked!!

  3. You are absolutely right on each point.

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    1. something must be done to stop the fraud ~~~~~~~~~


Posted By: Chris Carmouche